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13 Days of Halloween: Ghosts

Ghosts in Books

Lovers Forever through life and death, these are the books that haunt me….(sorry couldn’t resist that one). These are a few of my favorite books with ghosts and their naughty natures…

Fletcher Lunatic Asylum by Madeline Ribbon
Jonathan, a paranormal investigator, is hired to check out a abandoned asylum. The facility’s owner is positive that there are dozens of haunting, but Jonathan is less optimistic-until he finds his very own ghost in the old morgue.
Jonathan comes to the fletcher Lunatic Asylum to investigate reports of paranormal activity. The whole place gives him the creeps, but he needs to finish the case so the asylum’s ghost obsessed owner stops bothering him. When the owner won’t go down into the basement of one of the buildings as he gives Jonathan the grand tour, Jonathan needs to find out why. When Jonathan investigates, he finds a very real ghost haunting the old morgue. He’d expected that. He just didn’t expect that ghost to be so interactive.

Ghost’s Treasure by Cheyenne Meadows
Librarian Josie discovers a hidden treasure in a box of books from an estate sale. A naïve online inquiry sets forth a chain of deadly events as potentially deadly thieves emerge from the woodwork. Rattled, she turns to the FBI for protection.

After a tragedy years before, Ghost swore to dedicate his life to wiping the earth of evil while locking away any and all feelings in order to carry on by transitioning from Navy SEAL to professional assassin and part time Wind Warrior. When a buddy calls in a favor, Ghost reluctantly accepts the bodyguard job to a pretty biathlon athlete with a body that wouldn’t quit and an inquisitive, bubbly nature which bordered on amusement, if he could still feel emotions.

Josie’s heart breaks for what tight-lipped Ghost must have suffered and vows to return humor to his stoic existence, if he’ll just give her a chance.

With bad guys hot on their heels, can Ghost protect her from their deadly intentions? Can Josie discover the man underneath the impenetrable shield and remind him how wonderful happiness and love can be?

Ghost Threesome by Rose Black
When Charlotte brings a real live, flesh and blood man back to her haunted apartment for a night of hot sex, she's not sure what to expect.

As things heat up with her hunky date, she begins to feel the icy cool tendrils of her horny ghost caressing her too. Can Charlotte handle two lovers at once - one flesh and one spirit?

WARNING! This 4400 word short erotic story contains: a girl, a guy, and a horny ghost, oral sex, ghostly tendrils, and spectral double penetration sex that will leave you quivering and begging for more...

There are so many really, really hot ghost stories out there. These are just three of the ones I enjoyed reading recently….so here’s hoping next time you run into a ghost you get your happy ending

Is your House Haunted?

If you want to know if your house is haunted by ghosts, then there are several questions you need to ask yourself to confirm the feeling. By completing this one-way Q and A, you will know if ghosts are in your home once and for all.

Do you often get chills or feel cold in certain areas of your home? Ghosts have incredibly low blood pressure (they’re dead after all). When you feel these cold drafts, you are likely walking right through a ghost! Areas where cold drafts are often reported include near bedroom windows, under air conditioning ducts and in front of the refrigerator.

Are you constantly losing your keys, shoes and other things and finding them later in odd places? Ghosts, particularly ghost children, are notorious tricksters and they love to hide personal items and watch you turn the place upside down to find them. However, lost trinkets do not immediately indicate a ghost. In many cases, it is something incredibly more mundane – like a leprechaun, fairy or Bigfoot.

Do you hear noises in the middle of the night? If so, then this means that your hearing is normal and ghosts are likely not in your home. However, if you DO NOT hear noises from dusk to dawn and you sleep soundly through the night, then this is almost certainly because a ghost is holding his or her hands over your ears. They do this so their friends can rifle through your stuff without waking you.

Do you see ghosts? If so, then what you are seeing may be ghosts.

Do lamps, furniture or dishes inexplicably move from one location to another? This is likely the result of a ghost. Remember, ghosts have been cooped up in your home for decades or even hundreds of years. Much like a housewife, they get bored easily and begin to think that redecorating is a good way to kill some time. Of course, they are wrong, but if you want that ghost to keep putting out, you’ve got to put up with it.

Famous Haunted Houses

This is the time of year when people go to haunted houses where they pay to get scared. But here are some real haunted houses that will be around long after the fake ones close.
One of the most haunted houses is surprisingly the White House. Abigail Adams is said to still be hanging around the laundry room in the East room. But of course the most famous ghost is that of President Abraham Lincoln.  Many of its former and current guests are said to feel his presence. 
Other famous ghosts include Dolley Madison who stands watch over her Rose Garden; 7th president Andrew Jackson has been heard laughing in the Rose Bedroom; 3rd president Thomas Jefferson plays his violin in the Yellow Oval Room; 9th president William Henry Harrison haunts the White House attic; and British soldiers are seen walking the hallways

Another haunted house is in Cleveland, Ohio that looks like a house that The Munsters would live in.  Built in 1860 and is said to have  crying babies and slamming doors through the halls. The original Owner Franklin Castle is rumored to either have been a very cruel man who was responsible for the deaths of three children or someone who had really bad luck.   
An attempt was made to turn the house into a bed and breakfast but a fire derailed those plans.

Not surprisingly the house that Lizzie Borden lived in with her father and stepmother. It is rumored that Andrew and Abby Borden still roam the halls of the house.
No list of notable haunted houses would not be complete without a house from New Orleans. I personally love New Orleans and the city is filled with ghosts.

Take an historic old, antebellum plantation home from 1796, surround it with trees draped with Spanish moss, and set it in voodoo-rich Louisiana and you have the perfect setting for ghosts. But, you need mayhem and history to generate ghosts and there are lots of both at the Myrtles Plantation. In 1808, Clark Woodruff took charge of the plantation from his deceased father-in-law, General David Bradford, where he kept things running along with his wife, Sara, and three kids. Legend has it that Woodruff also took a special liking to a slave he owned named Chloe. But Chloe was immensely jealous of Woodruff’s family and baked a birthday cake filled with poisonous oleander leaves.  Woodruff’s wife, Sara, and two of their children died. Chloe confessed, but fellow slaves retaliated, hanging Chloe and dumping her body in the Mississippi.

Lots of other natural deaths occurred in the home, but the only other murder was when plantation owner William Winter was shot and killed in 1871 while standing on the front porch. He supposedly staggered inside, dying on the 17th step of the home. Myrtles Plantation is also reportedly built on the site of an old Indian burial ground and during the Civil Warn Union soldiers ransacked the home. While it is hard to separate fact from fiction, popular sightings of ghosts around Myrtles Plantation include the large mirror in the home that contains the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her children, ghosts seen around the 17th step and, of course, Chloe who is outside, tending to her plantings. The house is on National Register of Historic places and is now a bed and breakfast.

Ghosts... Fact or Fake

As a child I played with a Ouija board, let’s face it, who didn’t? And if you are too young to remember what a Ouija board is, get out now because I’m feeling old enough as it is. My friends would gather around the board, each laying their fingertips on the moving piece and try to make contact with the great beyond. Now let’s be real for a second here. A bunch of kids, playing with a board game, created by Hasbro which cost approximately $12.99, did anyone really believe we’d make contact? Apparently so since everyone has tried it at least once in his or her life. Don’t deny it, you know you have But back to the game… We’d ask typical pre-teen questions thinking we were oh so imaginative and inevitably the marker would move spelling out a
response. Now I’m not saying I moved the marker, but if I happened to nudge it just a bit in the direction I wanted it to go to, could you blame me? How gullible were my friends that they believed a ghost would stop by and say hi to a bunch of 13 yr old girls. What? Do they think ghosts have nothing better to do than just hang out waiting to be called on to play parlor tricks?

But again, I digress, where were we? That’s right, teenage girls, ghosts and parlor tricks. If I nudge the marker just a tad, and again, I’m not saying I did, but if I happened to accidentally nudge it and my best friend on the other side of the board happened to “accidentally” nudge it in the same direction, you end up
with some pretty wild results. Someone will inevitable accuse me of moving the marker, to which I would respond with wide eyed fright and exclamations of “I didn’t! I thought you did!” Add a quiver to the voice and suddenly say, “If I didn’t move it and you didn’t move it, who did?” Then of course exclaim “I don’t want to do this anymore!” And you have yourself a night of girls too scared to go to sleep, jumping at the slightest sound. And if you happen to have a little sister like I do, who always wanted to be included, but of course we always said she was too young, you have a possible accomplice in those creaking sounds and sudden footsteps at 2am. For a couple of bucks she may even have been willing to throw a sheet over her head and toss out a few ghostly moans. Not that I am admitting to paying her to do anything like that of course. I'm just saying, it's a possibility.

This is not to say that I do not believe in ghosts. I firmly believe that sometimes a person dies in such a violent way that they can’t help but linger. One of those instances where Heaven doesn’t want them and Hell is afraid they’ll take over. Think about it. Have you ever been to a haunted location? Not one of those obviously fake ones that pop up every Halloween with hundred of people in costumes hired specifically to make you jump and scream, but real ones? A place where something so horrific happened that there is no possible way those people could possibly rest in peace. Barb mentioned a few of those places above. So you tell me. Have you ever seen something you can’t explain? Was a ghost or just a friend pulling a prank? Tell us your story. 

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