Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Release Day Blitz: Unclaimed (Amoveo Legend #5) - Sara Humphreys

Tatiana Winters, from the Timber Wolf clan, is a spirited veterinarian who wants nothing to do with the Amoveo—the ancient race of shape-shifters who live secretly among humans. But when the Amoveo Prince's horses fall sick, Tatiana reluctantly heads to his ranch to help. 

When she meets Dominic Trejada, a handsome warrior from the Tiger Clan, they instantly clash and sparks ignite. But when danger stalks near, they will have to find a way to trust each other if they want to stay alive.

I’ll admit I was hooked on the Amoveo series the second I started reading Untamed. Yes, I understand that Untamed is not the first book. It’s actually book 3. However, I was so drawn in by the characters that after finishing that book, I went back and read the first two. So it is safe to say I am an eager fan of Humphreys Amoveo series. So it came to no surprise what so ever that once starting Unclaimed I wasn’t able to put it down. Often finding myself awake half the night, telling myself “I’ll go to bed after this chapter” only to find myself reading 3 more.

With a keen eye for detail, Humphreys builds us a world were you believe the Amoveo truly exist and they are fighting the good fight against the purists. She’s got a world building ability that surpasses any I’ve encountered before. And it draws you deeper and further in with every page you read.

The characters? Can I say “Wow”? I loved Dominic from the first time we encountered him. The strong protector always doing what he feels is right. He deserved to find his mate and get his own story. And what a story it is. The chemistry between the Tatiana and Dominic practically explodes off the pages. Humphreys has a way of coming up with just the right mate for her Amoveo men and yet again she hasn’t disappoint us.  

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  1. Thanks for the nice review, I look forward to reading the book myself soon.

  2. "Wow" sounds like a good recommendation to me!
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  3. That was a great review for a great book! I enjoyed the book myself!
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  4. I've been hooked since I first picked up book 1 a little over a year ago. I immediately bought the rest of the series and finished them in a week, lol. She does write amazing characters that hook you. I can't wait to read Unclaimed.


  5. Great review:)!! smclement5@yahoo.com Thx!

  6. Ever since I read the first one I have devoured them. cjlps23 at gmail dot com

  7. Great review; makes me want to read it even more.
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  8. Thank you so much for participating in my BLog Blitz and for the great review!!!

  9. yay the link works for me now, congrats Sara of your release :) how is it I have not read it yet ;)

  10. Congrats Sara! It looks like a great book!