Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review: Bonded to the Alien Lord - Mina Carter

Today is a good day to... get married? 

Kidnapped by her very own alien hunk, Cat Moore is rapidly adapting to life as the chosen woman of bad-ass War Commander Tarrick K'Vass. It's not so bad. Her sexy alien has a thing about making sure her every need is met and has some very inventive ways of doing so. Until she gives him a bad case of mating marks around his wrist, and all bets are off. They're married without so much as a bended knee in sight, then summoned to the Imperial Court so the Emperor can bless their union. 

Why? Because her sexy alien lover left one thing out when he introduced himself. Like being a freaking alien prince. 

But someone doesn't want humans and lathar getting it on, and they certainly don't like the possibility of little human-lathar babies. In fact, they'd be more than happy if Cat and the other women didn't survive past the wedding. 

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Try a bride whose alien wedding just got gatecrashed. Seems humans might be more like the Lathar than anyone thought... 

**Please be aware that this is a romance short. Shorter fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full length novel.** 

Warriors of the Lathar series: 
Book 1 - Captured by the Alien Lord 
Book 2 - Saved by the Alien Lord 
Book 3 - Bonded to the Alien Lord 

Never mess with a woman's wedding day!

After finding out that humans and the Lathar are genetically compatible everything goes at full speed. Not only does the human race now need to be protected from rogue aliens but our resident self-appointed alien ambassador, Cat Moore just realized that she is officially alien mated and is attending her very own wedding. The last thing she needs is a bunch of purist alien elitist disrupting her wedding. What's a woman to do when gunfire erupts during her wedding? Well if you're one of the servicewomen in this group you grab a gun and start shooting back, of course.

I've been reading this serial since the first part was released and I'll admit I was a but leery of the whole being enslaved by aliens thing. Let's face it, slavery is far from sexy. However, the story was hilariously funny and entertaining and I could not resist, I had to read the following parts. Tarrick's deliberate butchering of Cat's name and rank was endearing, making me want an alien lord of my own.

I am sad to see Tarrick and Cat's story end but hope Carter will take pity on us as I'm sure I am not the only person hoping to see a few other aliens meet their match among the human captives.  

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