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Promo: Heart of the Music - Kaithlin Shepard

There's a new hot rock star in town and he'd love to meet you. ‪#‎KaithlinShepherd‬ ‪#‎RockStarRomance‬
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Blog Tour/Review: Stars - Malorie Verdant

STARS by Malorie Verdant APRIL 30th!

He changed my life. With a smile, a flick of his wrist and a death-defying stunt. He was six and I was five. And now, thirteen years later, I am hopelessly in love. There is only a slight problem. He doesn’t know I exist. He’s the star quarterback. I’m a science nerd who hides in the shadows. I don’t need anyone to tell me that college won't change anything. I know he’s the star of this story. And I belong in the audience.
Parker Elliot is going to Penmore State University miles away from home. She's leaving her small town because Penmore has a fantastic science department, because she needs to begin exploring the life she wants to lead and because Grayson Waters is the starting quarterback for the Penmore Herons.
Grayson Waters at first glance lives life to the fullest, but he is dealing with more than meets the eye. A con artist father in trouble with local mobsters, an illegitimate brother living close by, the pressure of leading his team to the champ…

Promo: Set the Pace - Kim Karr

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Jasper Storm was the bad boy next door.



Trouble—with a capital T.

Regardless of how other people perceived him, he was my hero. He protected me. Shielded me. Kept me safe. And I would have done anything for him.

Fate tore us apart—leaving a world between us, and both our hearts broken.

Now Jasper is Detroit's white knight, a reckless rogue turned sexy savior, pulling the city and himself out of destitution.

Everything he does is fast. He talks fast, f*cks fast, and drives fast.

I know I should keep my distance. That I should stay away. There's too much history between us. Too much left unsaid.

Yet I can't resist him.

Just being near him is a thrill—his perfect body, our incredib…

New Release: Love Ride - Tara Oakes

************** Reading Order: (The Slayers MC series is meant to be read in order)

First Ride -
Hard Ride -
Long Ride -


As president of the Riverdale Chapter of the Slayers MC, Dawson McCade has seen his club through some pretty rough times. Choices and sacrifices had to be made to gain the peace they now have and to keep his loved ones safe.
But, all peace comes at a cost.
And peace never lasts... at least that's what Dawson has learned.
The delicate truce between The Slayers MC and their rivals The Kingsmen MC is on shaky ground, on the verge of tipping back into war- the same war that claimed the life of Dawson's only brother, years ago, and he's determined not to see more blood shed between the two rivals.

Meanwhile, recently released from prison, serving time for his club, Stitch is now faced with the aftermath of those choices. He has allegiance to his c…

Review: A Tempting Dare - Cathryn Fox

The last place Miami divorce attorney, Katherine Quinn wants to be is at her family’s Hampton home for their annual reunion, especially when she sets eyes on him. Sebastian James: hot shot sports medicine doctor for Miami Thunder, her big brother’s best friend, and the only guy she’s ever really wanted. What will it take for him to see that his Kitty Kat is all grown up, and just waiting for him to make her purr? Her friend dares her to seduce him. How tempting. Jaded by her career, she isn’t looking for love, but a weekend of hot sex to pass the time is just what she needs to get through the weekend. 

It’s been a long ten years of look but don’t touch, and Sebastian has almost reached his limit, especially when Kat initiates a plan of seduction guaranteed to test his resolve as well as his professionalism. Her sweet kisses and searing touches threaten his loyalty to her brother, but he’s willing to risk it all to show her he’s the kind of man she doesn’t believe exists. 

Will this cyni…

Promo: Heart Break - Skye Warren


Release Day Blitz: Plow - Heather Stone

PLOW is Heather Stone’s newest straight to the point novella is  NOW LIVE and ONLY $0.99!
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Cold snow. Empty tank. HOT sex. Courtney Brighten knows as the assistant to the governor she should avoid public indecency at all costs. But when your boyfriend is a cheat, emotions are high and you get stuck in a snowstorm all bets are off. Can Courtney resist the sexual chemistry or will she succumb to her desires and find herself in the unemployment line? **This is a short, happily ever after steamy novella. It contains insta-love and gets straight to the point.

About the Author
Daydreamer by day professional child wrangler

Release Day Blitz: She's Captured My Love - Karen Frances

Title :She Captured My Love (Captured #4) Author :  Karen Frances 
Release Day Blitz 28th April Hosted by: Hooked on book's & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

She's Captured my Love (Captured, #4) 

They say everything in life happens for a reason…
Me? I just think life can be cruel. What was the reason my wife was so tragically taken from me, from her family? Leaving behind a beautiful baby girl.
I no longer look to the future. I live day by day.
These last few months have been the darkest of my life. But I’m still here, getting by with the help and support of those closest to me. My sister has been my rock. Don’t know where I would be without her. Even with all her own troubles, she has always been at my side to help me.
But what happens when the very beautiful, confident, and sexy American Sophie Mathews enters my life?
She is a breath of fresh air. But stirs up feelings and emotions that I thought I had pushed to the back of my mind.
Is it too soon to move on from my past? Or …

Blog Tour: Wish Come True - KD Robichaux

"My wish has come true. My Jason is here, and he’s finally mine." Title: Wish Come True Author: KD Robichaux Series: The Blogger Diaries Trilogy, Book 3 Release Date:April 17, 2016
Genre:Contemporary Romance
Editor: Becky Johnson, Hot Tree Editing
Cover Designer:Perfect Pear Creative Covers Photographer:Mike Fox Photography for Cover Art The highly anticipated third and final book in the Blogger Diaries Trilogy.
Kayla’s Chick Rant and Book Blog April 17, 2016
They say when you quit trying so hard, things will finally fall into place. So, I let go of my failed marriage to Aiden, focused all my attention on my daughter and finishing school while working a full-time job, and suddenly… Barely breathing turned into surviving. Surviving turned into being content. Contentment turned into happiness. All just my girl and me. But there was still something missing, something I truly never thought I’d have.  My happily ever after. Amazon: US I UK I AU I CA
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 Other Books in the Ser…