Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: Hollywood Heartbreak - Audra Cole

Formerly Hollywood Tales
Revised and retitled- Hollywood Heartbreak
Author Audra Cole © 2016
Re-Release Date- July 19th
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How do you move on when the man who broke your heart is on the front of every tabloid cover, movie poster, and the star of half a dozen cologne commercials? 

Three years ago, Charity McAdams was dumped by her fiancé on the night of their rehearsal dinner. 

Just as she is finally ready to get on with her life and move beyond her past heartbreak, life throws Charity a curve ball she could never have envisioned. Sure, she’s now in a serious relationship with James, a handsome businessman (who knows how to cook!), and everyone is saying that a proposal is just around the corner… 

But there’s one problem. 

Her ex-fiancé, Brandon Hart—who has since become an overnight Hollywood celebrity, thanks to a breakout role in a blockbuster action movie—is back in town. 

…and he’s determined to see Charity. 

Brandon’s sudden return to Charity’s small-town world brings long-buried feelings and doubts back to the surface, and she begins to question her past, present, and future. 

The Hollywood Heartbreak Series is intended for a mature audience 18+

I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of The Hollywood Heartbreak series in exchange for an honest review. I love second chance romances so this was up my alley.

Charity and Brandon have been sweethearts practically their entire lives. The day before their wedding, after a big argument, Brandon breaks off the wedding and leaves town in search of stardom in Hollywood. Three years later, Brandon is a leading Hollywood Heartthrob and Charity has moved on. Or so she thinks. It's possible she may not be quite as over Brandon as she thought when he visits their hometown and she runs in to him. Brandon wants a second chance, but can Charity forgive the past and look to the future with the man who broke her heart and left her at the alter?

I have to admit, I loved the concept and even the story. I had issues with the characters. Charity allowed her family to treat her as a doormat. If there is one thing I despise it's characters lacking the backbone to stand up for themselves. This was no different. Every time she was manipulated, put down, ordered about like a servant, yelled at or called selfish by her own family, I wanted to shake her and tell her to grow a pair. If that were the only thing, I could get over it. However, her lack of maturity was very revealing. Every time she and Brandon had a fight she took off. And I don't mean she left and went for a walk. No... she boarded a plane and literally left. There was no talking. The only talking she did was her calling her best friend to let her know she was staying with her for a while. Who does that?

Don't get me wrong. Immature, doormat heroine aside, I loved that after all those years apart they still felt the same about each other. I especially loved that although he came in contact with some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood on a daily basis, there was no one for him but Charity. It's a Hollywood Cinderella story and I devoured it in one sitting. I could not put this down and would highly recommend it to anyone

Audra Cole is a romance author. She lives in Portland, Oregon and adores her eclectic city. When not glued to her keyboard,she enjoys reading, kickboxing, and unwinding with a nice glass of Moscato.


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