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New Year's Reading Resolutions Blog Hop

This year it's all about the books. Wait! How is that different from any other year? All right, change that… this hop is all about the books. Past and future. We’ve all read books that linger with us long after we’ve moved on to the next book. In my case, it’s the next few dozen books. What can I say? Books are my greatest weakness. For this blog hop, Rachel asked that we list our top 3 favorite reads from 2013. I read an exorbitant number of books, so this took some time.
So which books made my top 3 list? So which books made my top 3 list?

Sons of Navarus series by Gabrielle Bissett 
How did I manage to go almost 3 years without having ever read these books? I picked up Blood Avenged (book 1) and all of a sudden I had to read the rest. I spend weeks in the world of the Sons, hanging on Bissett’s every written word. I literally finished one book and picked up the next book in the series immediately after. If you somehow missed these, like I did, I would seriously suggest picking th…