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Series Blitz: The Black Shamrocks MC series - Kylie Hillman

Series: Black Shamrocks MC Author: Kylie Hillman Genre: MC Romance AVAILABLE NOW Seizing Control (Black Shamrocks MC #1) - AVAILABLE NOW FREE Soothing Suffering (Black Shamrocks MC #1.5) - RELEASING 10/25 Making Choices (Black Shamrocks MC #2) - AVAILABLE NOW Seeking Redemption (Black Shamrocks MC #3) - AVAILABLE NOW Conquering Circumstances (Black Shamrocks MC #3.5) - AVAILABLE NOW Tempting Fate (Black Shamrocks MC #4) - AVAILABLE NOW Finding Nirvana Black Shamrocks MC #5) - RELEASING 10/25 Enter the $20 gift card and paperback of Seizing Control, Black Shamrock MC #1 giveaway over on Kylie’s Facebook Page -CLICK HERE TO ENTER- When a monster owns your past, can you control your destiny? Only daughter of the volatile President of the Black Shamrocks MC and long-suffering sister to four overprotective brothers, Madelaine O'Brien has survived circumstances that would have broken a lesser woman. Mikhail "Mad Dog" Kennedy is her salvation, her reward for continuing to fight, and the mat…