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Review: Cursed - Lucy Leroux

Cursed - A Spellbound Regency Novel by Lucy Leroux
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second story I've read by this author, the first being a much shorter story included in an anthology, and honestly, I've been asking myself why I waited this long to read more of her work. I'd like to say I'm a lover of historical romances, but in all honesty, I'm pretty picky about which ones I read. Cursed was recommended to me by a fellow book lover as something that I might really enjoy and she was so right.

A historical romance with paranormal elements, Cursed managed to capture my attention and keep it. I was drawn in by the mystery of Matteo's malady and the expense hit father would go to in order to help his son. Enter our heroine, Isobel who is hiding a secret of her own that could possibly be the solution to Matteo's curse and the story truly gets interesting.

For someone who is choosy about what historical books she reads, I found myself devouring Cursed. I f…

Review: Coming in Hot

Coming In Hot Boxed Set by Gina Kincade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I will admit that there were times while I was reading this anthology that I seriously wondered WTF. The grammatical errors and the mistakes gave me serious doubt that it was professionally edited. I put it down several times and picked up other books to read to wash the aggravation of poorly edited stories out of my head. Now, normally this is the point when the book gets either deleted or archived on the assumption that it's just not worth the headache. Thankfully, my OCD kept me from putting this aside for very long though. Otherwise, I would have missed a few gems in this bunch.

So why 4 stars if I had to drop it several times throughout the entire thing and move on to something more polished? I paid .99 for it. The way I see it, half the stories were pretty good, at least 3 of them stand out and I would definitely read those authors again. So at that price, it was worth it. Would I read the entire thing again? G…

Sale Blitz: Beauty and the Beast - Skye Warren

Title: Beauty and the Beast Author: Skye Warren Genre: Erotic Romance Release Date: October 7, 2013

FALL IN LOVE with this modern day fairy tale…
“I love this Beauty and the Beast story that Skye Warren has crafted. She puts a twist to this classic tale that makes it different and deliciously erotic.” – Nina’s Literary Escape
Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week, soaking up every moment with the reclusive ex-soldier she secretly loves.
Blake Morris knows he’s scarred both inside and out and is no good for the beautiful young woman who cleans his house to pay for college. But when Erin walks in on Blake touching himself and moaning her name, all bets are off.
Blake receives an offer to return to his alma mater as an associate professor. This is his chance to reenter the world–and to be worthy of the woman he loves. But when they both enter the classroom on the first day, everything is on the line–his career, her future, and a love greater than they knew possible.
Can beauty save the…

Cover Reveal: Come Home To Me - Abby Brooks

Title: Come Home to Me Series: Brookside Romance #5 Author: Abby Brooks Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 5, 2018

Abby Brooks presents the captivating story of a broken woman and the man who helps her heal from her past...
I say I've set out on an adventure, but I'm lying. Deep down, I know the truth. I'm running. From my past. From my future. From everything.
When I meet Frank Wilde, a man whose dark eyes and chiseled abs would be intimidating if it weren't for his soul-searing smile, I know I should keep on running. There's nothing but disaster waiting for me with a man like him, a man who makes me feel like I mean more than one passion filled night of sweaty bodies and tangled sheets.
For the first time in my life, I stick around. Bit by bit, touch by touch, kiss by kiss, Frank shows me what it means to trust someone with my deepest secrets and purest truths.
But when his past comes back to haunt us, I realize I'm not the only one fighting demons a…

Teaser Reveal: Hothead - Stella Rhys

COMING SOON!!! Hothead by Stella Rhys releases on April 3!!!
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He's the hottest player in Major League Baseball, the most notorious playboy in all of Manhattan...
And my fake fiancé for the next three months.
I was drunk-dialing my ex the night I met him.
Six-three, sexy as sin and so incredibly rude I could smack the asshole smirk right off his face. Long story short, we got off to a bad start. But when the tabloids interpret our sparring as Drew Maddox "groveling" with a "mystery brunette," his agent presents us both a proposal:
Shacking up as a couple this summer.
It’s an alleged “win-win.” I need to prove to my ex that I'm fine. Drew needs to prove to his team that he's stable. Thanks to his on-field brawling and never-ending lady drama, Drew Maddox has suddenly found himself on the trade block - which means he needs a fast, easy way to show the team that he's settled down.
Hence this fiancé thing. 
Our figh…

Book Blitz: Sweet Little - Sierra Hill

Title: Sweet Little Lies
Series: The Sweetest Thing #5 Author: Sierra Hill Genre: Sports Romance/Interracial Romance
Release Date: February 6, 2018

A heart-wrenching, friends-to-lovers story where the only way to keep their friendship intact may be to let each other go.
Some lies are meant to deceive. Others to protect.
My lies have done nothing but harm. They only serve to push people away. Even the people that I want to hold onto for dear life.
They say letting go of your grief and your sins will unburden you and set you free. But the only one I need to set free is Mica Reyes, before my guilt and insecurities ruin our friendship and I lose her forever.
*This is the final book in the standalone college sports series, The Sweetest Thing. Each book features a different couple and their own unique story.


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Cover Reveal: International Guy - Audrey Carlan

by Audrey Carlan

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SERIES COVER REVEAL + PRE-ORDER!!! Fans of Calendar Girl will swoon over International Guy. This sexy new series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Audrey Carlan, is available to pre-order now!!!

About the Series

Parker Ellis, CEO of International Guy Inc., advises the wealthiest people in the world on life and love. And sometimes he can’t help it when things heat up and he ends up in bed with his clients.

This International Guy knows that there’s a whole world waiting for him. But as he goes from city to city—and from woman to woman—it’s possible that he just might find his own love along the way…

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The first book in the sexy International Guy Series from #1 New York Times …

Review: V Games - Caroline Peckham

V Games by Caroline Peckham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As someone who is not fond of the genre and is admittedly not a reader of young adult books, I tend to be very picky when it comes to which young adult books I do choose to read.

Reading the blurb for V Games had me intrigued, so I figured why not. At worse I'd read an easily forgotten book, at best I'd spend a day reading an enjoyable book. I was so wrong. It is not often that I am surprised or impressed by an author, but somehow this completely new to me author, Caroline Peckham, has managed to do both. From the moment I read the first chapter I found myself pulled into the sad and disturbing life of Selena Grey. Peckham's world-building had my heart firmly lodged in my throat.

This paranormal Hunger Games where the participants are anything but your innocent children trying to live one more day, has a little bit of everything. Vampires, werewolves, action, suspense, murder, and even a touch of romance, V Games touches …

Release Blitz: Possessive - Willow Winters

Title: Possessive Author: Willow Winters Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 13, 2018


From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters, comes a provocative, standalone, contemporary romance.
Some men are born with a black heart and a tainted soul.  I never liked to admit it back then; I thought I could outrun who I am and lie to myself.  But I accept the truth now. 
It’s in my blood and in my bones. In every impure thought and desire.  I tried to leave. To do the right thing and walk away from my past.  But then she came back into my life. 
Stumbling towards me and looking up at me as if I’m the one she’s been looking for all this time.  As if I could be her savior and take her pain away.  If only she knew. 
She turns me into what I hate most about myself.  Selfish, ruthless, possessive.  I tried to be a good man. To be cold and distant and warn her away.
She should have taken the hint and run.  She didn’t…  And now she’s mine.


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Release Blitz: Snow and the Seven Huntsmen - Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley

Title: Snow and the Seven Huntsmen Series: Dark Fantasy #1
Authors: Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley Genre: Dark Reverse Harem Romance Release Date: March 13, 2018

A Dark Reverse Harem Romance from USAT Bestselling Authors Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley
This is no fairytale… They’ve been sent to break me. Not one, but seven. They plan to steal my beauty, my innocence. Seven Hunters to track me down and claim me as theirs. I try to run, but it is hopeless. They have caught me. I am their prey, their prize, to do with as they please. But I will capture something far more precious… the Huntsmen’s hearts.
Warning: In our Fairytales, there is danger in the shadows, the beasts bite and no Heroine is truly safe. If dark tales of danger, forced attraction and multiple partners offend you then please do not purchase.


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