Saturday, March 24, 2018

Review: Coming in Hot

Coming In Hot Boxed SetComing In Hot Boxed Set by Gina Kincade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I will admit that there were times while I was reading this anthology that I seriously wondered WTF. The grammatical errors and the mistakes gave me serious doubt that it was professionally edited. I put it down several times and picked up other books to read to wash the aggravation of poorly edited stories out of my head. Now, normally this is the point when the book gets either deleted or archived on the assumption that it's just not worth the headache. Thankfully, my OCD kept me from putting this aside for very long though. Otherwise, I would have missed a few gems in this bunch.

So why 4 stars if I had to drop it several times throughout the entire thing and move on to something more polished? I paid .99 for it. The way I see it, half the stories were pretty good, at least 3 of them stand out and I would definitely read those authors again. So at that price, it was worth it. Would I read the entire thing again? God no. But I did bookmark the stories that I did enjoy and have added more books by those authors to my tbr. So at .99... is it worth it? Definitely. Just keep in mind you may have to go in a couple stories before you find one that is actually edited properly and grasps your attention. Don't give up too quickly on this one... trust me, read on... it's worth it. It does get better.

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