Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Wicked Wednesday!!!

What is the Wickedest book you have read this week!! Please share what the title is, if you want post a short excerpt of the book. As bookaholics we can never have too many books in the to be read pile.
Also if you are a writer what is the sexiest/wickedest book you have written??


  1. Just finished Own the Wind (Chaos MC book 1), by Kristin Ashley... Hot hot hot! This is the first book of the Chaos Club, but read Motorcycle Man first to lead the way... As for sexiest book I've written? I am doing a novella for an anthology right now, based on a male character's POV (If you've read Blind Seduction, then you know who Bastian is), I've actually had to send it to a few beta readers to see if its too hardcore to be included with the other stories... if it is, I'll probably release it as an eBook novella- we shall see!

  2. ooh I would love to have been a beta reader for that