Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wicked Wednesday



Today is Wicked Wednesday and todays topic is male/male romance. It is as popular with women I think as female/female is to men.  There are a lot of authors who write excellent male/male romances.

Some of my personal favorites are Cheryl Dragon,  Megan Slayer, Tara Lain just to name a few. Who is your favorite male/male romance author or favorite book?

Authors what draws you to write in this genre?? Again feel free to post excerpts and links;)

Here is an excerpt from TL Reeve's RENT BOY: 

Rent Boy TL Reeve Copyright 2013

“You left me alone.” He heard Nathan’s sleepy voice behind him as his hands slid around his waist.
“I needed a shower,” he answered easily.
“To get rid of this?” Nathan took his hard cock into his hand and squeezed.
“Fuck, Nathan, we shouldn’t be doing this. Not so soon after, you know.” His breath left him in a whoosh as Nathan stroked him slowly.
“Do you hurt, Bobby? Do you ache for me? Do you want to fill my ass?” Nathan peppered him with questions, as his hand stroked and squeezed the hardened flesh between Bobby’s legs.  Each inquiry was punctuated with a flick of his wrist and twist of his hand
“Yes, God yes. I want to fuck you so bad. I want to fill that tight ass. Oh fuck!” Bobby grunted. His hips rocked into Nathan’s hand matching his rhythm, hissing as his fist tightened around him. “Nathan…” he whimpered, his gut burning with desire and need. He didn’t want to cum this way. He wanted to be buried deep inside Nathan. He wanted to feel Nathan’s tight channel squeeze him until he couldn’t breathe.
“Hmm,” Nathan hummed in his ear rubbing his cock against Bobby’s ass. Shit the guy was a pro at tormenting him.
Bobby felt Nathan’s tip slip between his cheeks and his knees buckled. God, he was going to cum, he could feel his sac drawing up; feel the muscles of his stomach coil into a hot ball of pleasure. Pressing back against Nathan, a smile of satisfaction passed his lips when he heard Nathan’s harsh curse. “The question bears asking, do you want to top me, Nathan? Do you want to fill me up, cum deep inside me?” Nathan moaned grinding his hips against Bobby. He chuckled. Two could play this game. “That sounded like a yes.” He turned his head capturing Nathan’s lips. Their tongues dueled and fought for control. Nibbling on each other’s bottom lip, Nathan broke the kiss first with a shake of his head.
“Fuck me, Bobby. Now.” Nathan continued to pump and teased the sensitive flesh under the head of his hard dick.
Without a second thought, he spun Nathan around. Bending him slightly, he used the beads of precum on his tip to lube up and pressed forward. The tight band of muscles in Nathan’s ass rippled and tugged at his cock. Bobby sucked in a breath and grit his teeth at the onslaught of pleasure that slammed through his body. Inch by inch he filled Nathan’s tight ass. They both groaned as he bottomed out and Nathan pushed back against him. “Fuck yes. God, I could stay here forever.”
* * * * *

Nathan clenched around Bobby. Flames of desire and need skirted his flesh as he took his own cock into hand. Had it ever been this way before? Had Bobby felt this good inside him, made him feel so fucking full, that it was a heady mix of pleasure and pain? Did it fucking matter? Hell no it didn’t. With Bobby buried deep inside him, everything felt right. “Bobby, please move.”
Bobby’s grip tightened on Nathan’s hips as he pulled from him until only the tip remained inside him. Canting his hips, each thrust was excruciatingly slow. He was taking his time, building the passion between them. Nathan felt like he was floating yet sinking at the same time. Each pump of Bobby’s hips brought him one step closer to heaven and each retreat felt like he was going to die. He was hot, yet his body shook. As his hand worked his shaft, he pinched his tip and cried out with the bite of pain. He could feel his ass squeeze Bobby. His answering groan pushed Nathan higher. Doing it again, he increased his own pace.
“No coming, baby. We go together this time,” Bobby moaned, linking their hands together against the wall. He canted his hips, changing the direction of penetration and making them both whimper.
Nathan’s head spun, holy fuck this was unbelievable. Bobby knew exactly how to touch him and where. When the tip of Bobby’s cock nudged his prostate, he hissed and pushed his ass toward him. “Again, oh God that felt good.”
Bobby obliged him, several times in fact. Quickening his pace, every thrust hit his prostate just right. His knees buckled, his back bowed. Still, Bobby held him there. His cock leaked, he watched as pre-cum dribbled from the crest. It was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. Closing his eyes, his head fell forward. He couldn’t take much more of this. His body throbbed with the insatiable need to cum. He could feel his groin tighten, feel his blood boil and his gut burn. How could something that felt so good, hurt so much it caused such pleasure?
A strangled cry left his lips as Bobby bit the back of his neck and fondled his sac. “You ready baby? You ready to cum for me.”
Nathan nodded his head violently, losing all ability to speak.
“Do it, Nathan. Now!” Bobby let go of his balls and gripped his hips, slamming into him over and over again.
He didn’t have to touch himself. His dick kicked and his ass clamped down on Bobby’s cock. His body seized, his back arched and his knees turned to water as cum shot from his tip and hit the wall. Nathan’s cry echoed off the walls of Bobby’s shower and mingled with his. He felt the rush of heat filling his ass, and the rhythmic pulse of Bobby coming. It was too much, too good. He climaxed again, whimpering softly as Bobby finally stroked the release from him. “I can’t stop coming, Bobby. Fuck.”
“Then don’t. Give it all to me Nathan.”

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  1. I have lots and lots of favorite M/M authors. Most I have found at the goodreads group m/m romance. they are a phenomenal bunch over there. Some of my fav authors are Lee Brazil, KD Snow, Melanie Tushmore, Piper Vaughn, Kate Sherwood and LM Brown to name a few.