Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carrie Ann Ryan and Vivian Arend Blog Stop

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This summer two exciting new shifter books in bestselling series hit the shelves. SHATTERED EMOTIONS, Book 5 in the Redwood Pack series & DIAMOND DUST, book 3 in the Takhini Wolves.
Carrie Ann Ryan and Vivian Arend have joined forces to bring you a few tidbits from their books. Take a minute, and we hope you enjoy!
The theme for this post?
She spots him for the first time
Viv Arend: So tell me, Carrie Ann. What's the first thing you notice on a guy? 
Carrie Ann Ryan: *mind goes dirty places* Hmmm...probably his eyes. Then if he has tattoos.
Viv Arend: Beard. Scruff  :D I mean, I totally notice his mind first
Carrie Ann Ryan: Yes, that intellect? Whoa! Of course, if the package is pretty, it doesn't mean the inside is. *blushes* and by package, I mean his looks not...uh...Viv, change the subject LOL
Viv Arend: Soooo, hows the weather down there?
Carrie Ann Ryan:  H.O.T.
Viv Arend:!!! Love it. And honestly? It IS a package. Not...that...but the whole guy
Carrie Ann Ryan: Yes, beyond our dirty minds. We need the hot alpha male that looks like what we need, want, desire...everything. Plus he needs to not be a butt.
Viv Arend: not a butt is a good thing. but a nice butt is also a good thing. I'm glad our heroines aren't as dirty as us
Carrie Ann Ryan: Well......  I'm pretty sure Ellie has dirty thoughts. Not that Maddox would ever know...unless he asks nicely
Viv Arend: Caroline just says them out loud. I kinda love Caroline.
Carrie Ann Ryan: Oh me too. I think her and Ellie would totally get along. Once Ellie gets out of her shell...oh fun!

Shattered Emotions
Ellie Reyes gripped Maddox’s hand as tight as she could. Yes, it was the first time he’d voluntary touched her since he’d picked her up out of the back of the Jeep when they’d first met, but, honestly, that wasn’t important now.
She’d think about the calloused hands of a hard worker—one who helped his Pack and brothers, not necessarily in his job—and how they would feel against her skin. She’d think about what it all meant later.
Maybe later she could even relish his touch and imagine the scents of wolf and forest washing over her.

Diamond Dust
He grabbed her cleaning cart, rolling it over to the door. Then to her utter shock he stripped off his own shirt, broad chest revealed in a snap, plus the most incredible set of upper arms. Biceps like massive rocks, shoulders that could have been formed out of granite.
Caroline had seen her share of nudity, what with all the shifting going on from the earliest time she could remember, but this man wasn’t a wolf, and he wasn’t stripping to shift.
Her cheeks flushed. Whoa nelly, the man was built.


SHATTERED EMOTIONS, book #5 in the Redwood Pack series by USA Today bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan is available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | ARebooks | Kobo
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Vivian Arend's DIAMOND DUST (Takhini Wolves #3) is available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Samhain Publishing

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