Harper Jewel Spotlight

Virgin Prey
By Harper Jewel


In the bowels of humanity, hidden deep from society, a race of bird shifters dwell.  Never forsaking the rituals of old, virginal Aviana Byrde becomes of age, and a suitor is selected in the way that is dictated by those very traditions.

Outshining the rest, Andor Malar craves to bond with Aviana.  When that secret desire comes true, he cannot get enough of the innocent shifter.

After an explosive night full of carnal abandon, Aviana is kidnapped and held prisoner in the cruelest of ways before the new mates had fully slaked their lust for one another.  Will she meet her death before true love takes hold?  Will Andor’s fevered search prevail, or will a kinder twist of fate intervene when their world is rocked on its axis by a startling chance discovery?

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Blurb for Trent & Trey:

Running from a dark past, Cassie St. Cloud wonders if it’s even possible to escape her worst nightmares.  Regardless, the fiery redhead refuses to be a victim and does just that.  While secrecy is key to her survival, Cassie inadvertently finds herself squashed inside a triangle of lust, threatening to expose her darkest desires.

Sexy brothers, Trent and Trey Buchanan, own the hottest Tattoo Parlor and Ranch in town.  Kings of their own castles, both are pleasantly shocked when a tiny female brings them to their knees.

A silent enemy looms in the background, waiting for the right moment to strike.  When things take an unexpected turn for the worse, dark secrets and an unforgiving past send Trent, Trey, and Cassie running for their lives…

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