Monday, September 2, 2013

Menage Monday: Check out Kitty Bush

Menage Monday:

The Fab Four are all about indie authors.
I mean everyone has a book in them, right? So we’re doing something a little different this week for what we like to call Ménage Monday. We’ve discovered a brand new ménage author and we’d like to introduce her work to you. Barb and I have both read the series titled Club Duo and although we have have discovered that we both enjoy the same types of books, we each take different things from each book. So here is our take on Club Duo and maybe by the time we’re done you’ll want to give this new author a try too.
Barbs Review:

When Iris read the first book in the Club Duo series Laila she kept talking about how hot it was and being the menage lover I am had to check it out. I ended up buying all three of them.
The series is set around three girls who have just turned 18 and they all had crushes on individual teachers.  They followed them to a club called Club Duo and they decide to sneak in.
I am pretty sure my tablet had some melted circuits inside. To say these books were hot is an understatement.
Laila has a crush on the teacher she calls Mr Stud. She gets what she is looking for and much more when she is joined by Mr Stud's friend. Who show her a night she nor readers willl ever forget.
In Book Two Elissa she follows the teacher she calls Mr Math and finds out that Mr Math has an identical twin. Double the pleasure, double the fun takes on a whole new meaning.

 While this book was hot it was a bit tamer compared to the first one. It still may generate some smoke to come out of your reading device though.
Now to book three Laura:
After book 2 I thought that maybe this book would be even tamer but I was happily wrong. In fact it is the hottest out of the three. Elissa follows Mr Muscles and where she is joined by Mr Sexy. Not only do readers get a hot menage but some BDSM play as well.

Iris' Review: 
As we mentioned, we are all about the Indie author and have gotten to know quite a few of them thanks to social media. So whenever possible we like to read something new and if we're lucky we discover someone absolutely new to all of us. When that happens there are no expectations, just those of being entertained for however long the book lasts. Ever on the look out for new indie authors to check out, I came across Kitty Bush. After laughing hilariously at such an obvious name, I was intrigued by the premise of the first book. So much so, that I read the entire novella to the exclusion of anything going on around me. Quickly finished it and purchased book 2.

I will admit that when I was interrupted by a chat window while reading Laila, I responded with the first thing
that popped in my head which was "Shh, can't talk... reading... chick's getting f@cked to death." Infamous words that will haunt me, however true they were. Laila's book was what I liked to term as a pound of fudge type of book. By the time you're done you will want that guilty indulgence even if it comes in the form of a pound of fudge and the 5 extra pounds on the hips that will surely follow. And you won't regret a minute of it.

Alright, so that being said, I had high hopes for what Ms. Bush (yes, I am in fact laughing even as I said that in my head) had in store for us for book 2, Elissa. But alas, although Elissa got to experience what many of us only dream of, a set of really hot twins, it felt as if something was missing. Maybe Ms. Bush was losing momentum. That's not to say it wasn't a hot novella. It was incredibly hot. This poor lucky girl almost got herself f@cked into a coma! However, I would tag this one as only a half pound of fudge type of book.

Thankfully all was redeemed, and then some, in book 3... Laura. If Elissa was a bit on the tamer side of the 3 novellas, Kitty Bush cranked it up in Laura. I mean if the other two girls suffered side effects of their encounter at Club Duo (ie one was f@cked to death and the other almost into a coma) then I'd have to hand it to Laura. Her men practically broke her. This book is hot. We're talking 2lbs of fudge, some ice water and maybe a cold shower afterwards type of hot. Oh Ms. Kitty Bush you may just become my newest guilty pleasure. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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