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13 Days of Halloween: Urban Legends


The Loch Ness Monster or Nessie
When I was back in high school, we actually got to take a trip from Florida to Scotland with my
high school band. We took a special trip up to Loch Ness to see if we could see/find Nessie. There is an awesome gift shop/museum right beside the loch. That’s about as close to seeing her as we got. The locals we all met swore to us it’s real and not a hoax. I can’t say one way or another, but I can say 21 years later I still haven’t forgotten that trip to hunt Nessie down.

No one knows exactly what Nessie looks like. The sighting are numerous, and the story continues to grow. Most accounts of the Nessie’s appearance, including historical ones, indicate a creature resembling the long-extinct plesiosaur. Actual fossil evidence for this creature shows it to have been physically large, with a long neck and tiny head, with flippers for propulsion. Here is just one of the 100’s of photo’s you can find on the internet of “Nessie”

I chose to believe why not, stranger things in this world have happened why not a prehistoric monster living in a monster living in a twenty two and a half mile long, one and one half mile wide width a depth of 754 feet loch not be there? I may have not seen anything that long ago day on the shore of Loch Ness, but too many people have claimed to see things there for me to totally discount it out.

Oh and if you get bored and feel like watching some a live webcam… check out this website. You just never know what you will see……

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Bloody Mary
Growing up I used to go to a lot of slumber parties. We would go to the mirror and call Bloody
Mary.  When looking up Urban Legends the first thing that came to my mind was Blody Mary and it had me curious on how the legend started.
Mary was the daughter of King Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon. But she was considered illegitimate because her father left her mother. She got married at a late age and assumed the throne with her husband King Philip.
She was very anti Protestant which resulted in the deaths of many Protestants. Thus earning her the name of Bloody Mary.
Sometimes the true reason behind an Urban legend is even more scary then some of the movies out there.

For More Information on Bloody Mary: 


The Legend of the New Jersey Devil
Having been born and raised in New Jersey, I don't recall a time when I didn't know something about the Jersey Devil. It's our longest lasting folk tale and children in NJ have used it to scare the living daylights out of each other for centuries. For those of you somehow not familiar familiar with the Jersey Devil, here's a bit of the story. 

The year was 1735. Legend has it that a woman known as Mother Leeds found herself pregnant for the 13th time. Now Mother Leeds was married to a drunk who did very little in the way of providing for the 12 children they already had. So, as the story goes, Mother leeds was so exasperated at finding herself pregnant yet again, for the 13th time, that she proclaimed to the Heavens "Let this one be a devil!" 

Months later, she goes in to labor, having completely forgotten that she cursed her own unborn
child. The child is born, after a difficult labor, looking completely normal. But within minutes the baby morphed right before their eyes. No longer did the Leeds have a beautiful baby boy. Instead before them was a hideous creature with horns atop its head and claws. Bat-like wings sprouted from it's back. With glowing eyes and a snarling face the creature bursts through the roof and escapes in to the night. Now here is where the legend differs depending on where you're getting your folklore from. Some accounts have the feature savagely attacking its mother and killing its mother before escaping in to the night. Others tell of a mother who takes care and raises her demon child until her death. 

Either way, the creature has been spotted through the centuries, scaring anyone who ventured too close to his territory. Now there are some that view this as a quaint little tale told around campfires to scare people. However there are many out there who firmly believe the Jersey Devil is very much real and still stalks the Pine Barrens of New Jersey to this day. 

Want to learn more about the Jersey Devil and possible sightings? Do you believe in the Jersey Devil? Check out the Wierd NJ site and make up your own mind. 
Wierd NJ - Jersey Devil


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