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13 Days of Halloween: Werewolves

One of the most common types of shifters is the Wolf. They are just sexy and let’s face wolves are just gorgeous
creatures. There are tons and tons of Wolf shifter books out there. Here are some of our favorite authors who write them:

Milly Taiden - http://millytaiden.com/

Carrie Ann Ryan - http://carrieannryan.com/

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When one thinks of Halloween there are certain things that through the years have become synonymous with this holiday. I’m not sure about you, but when I think of Halloween the three things that pop in to my head are Candy, Wolves and Vampires. I picture a full moon (yes, I realize that the moon is not always full on Halloween, but it is in my head for dramatic effect), lots of fog and of course in the distance the prerequisite howl of a lone wolf. Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it?

Now when thinking of wolf shifters and paranormal romance I would have to admit to having specific authors come to mind. These ladies write some of the hottest wolf shifters I’ve ever met. Almost makes you want to actively go looking to be bit by a wolf.

We’ve mentioned some of our favorite authors of wolf shifters. But we’ve decided to make it even easier for you to find some of these fantastic books.

Milly Taiden loves her wolf shifters. She’s got several different series worth mentioning but I’d like to mention one in particular. Personally speaking, I tend to favor stories with a bit of humor. And WolfProtector tickled my funny bone on more than one occasion. If you’ve read Wolf Protector, you’ll be happy to know that book 2 will be released at around Christmas time. And although it isn’t Ramirez’s story, we will be treated to Brock’s story and Ms. Taiden promises it will include edge of your seat action and of course sizzling hot scenes.

Carrie Ann Ryan has one of the most successful wolf shifter series I have read yet. Her Redwood Pack shows the inner workings of pack dynamics. Meet the Jamensons, and the rest of the Redwood Pack and follow along as they each find love while battling thir greatest enemy. Carrie Ann Ryan will take you on an emotional rollercoaster you will gladly get on again an again.

Wolf Signs was the first book I ever read by Vivian Arend. He unique way of taking such a huge disability and turning it into a strength held me completely spellbound and I couldn't help but come back for more. Since then I have read every book in her Granite Lake Wolves series. 

It must be duly noted that although I, myself, have not read Mina Carter's Melody's Wolf, it has been recommended to me several times as a great, quick read. So I feel that I can suggest it here as a definite Halloween recommended read for those of you looking for something to sink your teeth in to. 

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Weres on TV are portrayed as Werewolves rather than shifters. We will over look their mistakes lol.
I imagine most of you remember the movie Teen Wolf and now the series. I loved that movie and it was a very romanticized view of Wolves.
Of course you have your horror movies but with the surge in paranormal we now have Wolf Shifter on TV and they are good! Some are even (sigh) Gorgeous, like Joe Manganiello from True Blood.
Out of curiosity I did a Wikipedia search on Werewolves and T.V. to see what it came up with....











S cont.



Not to bad 26 mentions on T.V, this didn't include the 6 sub categories such as Buffy etc.
One day the television will catch up and we can love these shifters up close and much more personal. We can find a ton of books but only 26 shows, truly sad.

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Wolf Shifters
We love shifters but we REALLY LOVE wolf shifters. But where did the legend start? Ironically in the same place as Dracula/Vampires Romania. But also there are tales of shapeshifters in Greece as well.
Legend has it that from Romania and Greek sources when Ovid in the Metamorphoses old of passing gods were visiting King Lycaeon. He did not believe they were really gods so he tested them by feeding them human flesh at a banquet. Cannibalism was very frowned on in that part of the world made them upset to put it mildly. The gods changed King Lycaeon into a werewolf since he liked human flesh so much.
Werewolves have also been part of literature for years, including in one of the most popular fairytales Little Red Riding Hood, one of my favorites when I was growing up.
The full moon is associated with the change from man to wolf but contrary to some fiction the people change into wolves voluntarily.
If you are looking for werewolves and after reading this I now know where to look here are the signs:
Red Hair, born on Dec 25, have a unibrow, index and middle fingers are the same length, love of raw or rare meat, 

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