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13 Days of Hallowen:Vampires

Halloween decorations

From Iris:

It's almost that time of the year again... Halloween! My favorite time of the year. This, our first year as a team, the girls and I wanted to do something cool for our favorite season because, would you believe it, it's their favorite holiday as well. So we came up with the 13 Days of Halloween. And each day we will be focusing on a different topic surrounding this awesome holiday. Today we've decided we will pay homage to Vampires!

There's nothing in the world more mysterious than a vampire. They've lived through centuries of watching the world around them change while they stay forever young. And let's face it who wouldn't want to look 25 for the rest of eternity? They are sometimes written cold and distant. They would have to be. Otherwise the pain of watching everyone they've ever cared for die would have them wishing for death themselves. Maybe that's what draws people to vampires. Or maybe it's just the beauty of them. Think about it, when was the last time you read a novel where the vampire was hideously grotesque? They are handsome, mysterious and hell... sometimes they even sparkle. But however they are written one thing is for sure. We love them and can never get enough. 

When I think of Vampires in books, I can't help of think of certain authors that write what I consider my favorite vampires to date. 

Most people would automatically think of Anne Rice. And although I do love her work, I tend to lean more towards books with some humor to them. Which is why the authors on my lists should not come to a shock to anyone. 

  1. Kerrelyn Sparks' Love at Stake series is at the very top of my list. From the moment I read How to Date a Millionaire Vampire I was hooked. I mean... they have their own Vampire Cable Network that plays Vampire reality TV shows and Vampire Soaps! And don't even let me go int o Chocolod. lol 
  2. Lynsay Sands... The first book I read by her was A Quick Bite and I laughed so hard my sides hurt. What kind of mother kidnaps a man, ties him to a bed and gives him to her daughter as a gift? And this is just the beginning of these characters madcap adventures. 
  3. Katie MacAlister's Dark Ones, although not humorous in the same way the others are, the tongue in cheek way she creates a Vampire who pens romance novels in order to find his chosen one had me chuckling the entire time. 
  4. Tina Folsom happens to be one of my favorite indie authors that pens Vampire books. Her Scanguards series describes Vampires as heroic men and women who protect mankind. What can be better than that?
  5. And finally, as much as it pains me, I will had to admit to an unhealthy addiction to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Although it is by far NOT the writing that draws me to these Vamps, there is just something about them that makes me forget that the author makes these centuries old vampires sound like high school drop-out ghetto gangbangers who couldn't even pass remedial English. 

So there you have it. My unhealthy obsession with Vampires can be attributed to many authors, but these three specifically have a great deal to do with it. 

From Barb:

I have been a fan of vampire romances long before Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series. And shh I found Anne Rice's Lestat series boring. I tried to read Interview With a Vampire 3 times and never made it past Chapter five. 

Asking me to pick five favorite vampire books is like asking me to pick a favorite thing to eat. But here is my shot  at picking five.

Maggie Shayne's Wings in the Night series. She is the one who showed me that there are writers out there who wrote the type of vampire romances I was looking for. Her vampires did not whine which for me is huge. If your going to be miserable being turned into a vampire then do us all a favor and go into the sunlight. First released in the 90s it took me years to find all three original books. 
After reading Maggie it seemed like forever before I found another vampire romance that would give me the types of heroes I wanted. Then I discovered Christine Feehan's Dark Prince and I was forever hooked on her. Her heroes were Carpathians who only became the evil vampires of legend when they did not find their lifemates. Not only were they immortal but they could procreate.
It was also about that time I discovered e-books and found out there were publishers who not ony  released vampire romances but the kind I had been looking for. To say I became like a kid in a candy store was an understatement.
Angela Knight was one of the authors I found. Her vampires were not wimpy by any stretch of the imagination. They are very dominant and don't take crap from anyone.  I couldn't get enough of her vampires and to this day still re-read them. 
Another favorite is Renee George and her The Beast series. Not only were her vampires hot but they were gay and I just could not wait for each new installment.  I have to partly blame my love of male/male romance on Ms George.  Frankly it has been way too long since Renee George released one. 
And no list of mine is complete without mentioning Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series. Not only was it smoking hot but freaking hysterical. Betsy loses her job and after she is killed in a car accident wakes up to find out that she is queen of the vampires.
These are just a few of my favorites but I also love Cynthia Sax, Dakota Cassidy, Marteeka Karland, Lauren Dane.  
Luckily for me I now have lots of awesome authors who write vampire romances to choose from.
From Jenn:
I admit I loved the Twilight books, well not all. I hated New Moon but the Cullens were well......Awesome.  Normally I don't like sparkly but the storyline was enough to overcome that issue lol.
So my number 1 pick is Twilight.
My second pick is Eternal Island by K.S. Haigwood. I loved Abe, he was amazing and loving and just hot. I love the idea of an Island anyone can live on together, witches, vamps, humans.. etc.
Check it out!
My third pick is by an Indie Author named Caroline Levy.  Welcome to the Family, the cover alone is stunning!  Its about a girl who doesn't know she will become a vamp, and is being slowly introduced into the family and lifestyle. Amazingly fresh take on Vampires and I eagerly await more.
My 4th pick is Cliche again but I have to go with The Sookie Stackhouse Series. I love ERIC!!!! His attitude towards everyone but Sookie, shows he is and can be the gentlest of men.  love, love , love him
My last pick is Fangs for Frosting by Cynthia Sax, because how can you not love a Vamp with a sweet tooth. Cynthia Sax always has  a fresh outlook and I am a big, big fan. Check it out at


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