Monday, November 25, 2013

Holly Holiday Blog Hop

Hello fans! Welcome to our Holly Holiday Blog Hop!
We're out to make someone's Christmas extra special. 
With a 7" Kindle Fire HD up for grabs, we're bound to do just that!

Christmas for children is all about Santa, presents and family.
This year, the adults are getting something too! 
Each stop will have it's own prizes, so make sure you stop by to visit each one.

At this stop enter to win a print copy of the anthology
Naughty Tricks and Sinful Treats 

I love Christmas. I'm that odd woman walking through the mall humming (and yes sometimes even singing) along with the piped in holiday music, smiling at complete strangers wishing store clerks a Merry Christmas after standing in line for almost an hour. Don't kill me, I can't help myself. I blame my family. 

As a child Christmas was always a huge deal in our family. My aunt and her family (she had 7 children) lived right around the block, my godparents and their children (another 7 kids there... yeah I know, a very prolific family) around the corner, so holidays with 14 teenagers (my sister and myself not included since were were just the little ones), 5 adults and assorted friends and other family members that came to visit was far from quiet. It was loud, boisterous and fun. Think the Griswolds times 10. There was the obvious down side... no privacy, too loud, too many people. But when I think back all I remember was the good stuff... there was no privacy, really loud and loads of people. Being surrounded by family and friends. That's what it was about. And here I am, all grown up, with my own family, trying to instill the same to my children. 

So why do I love Christmas? 

Maybe it's because I just love shopping for presents. Come on, what woman doesn't love to shop? I love the look on people's faces when they open up their beautifully wrapped packages. The squeals of joy from the kids when they wake up on Christmas morning and see that not only did Santa come and eat all the cookies and milk, but he left snowy foot prints on the carpet. Maybe I just love Christmas so much because deep down I'm a still a big kid at heart. Or maybe it's because it's about family. And I'm all about family. 
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  1. Spending time with family, the lights and baking.

  2. :) Hello, ladies! I love getting up early and turning on music, low, so not to wake the children. We usual cook a good breakfast and wait for the children to smell it. I have teens, so it doesn't take long. :) We usually open presents a week before Christmas, I can never wait, but that just allows us to really enjoy the day. We cook, laugh, eat, love, and try to remember how special we all are to each other. Mostly, I love spending time with my family!

  3. I love watching my kids reactions and how much they enjoy themselves :)

  4. i love the smiles on my kids faces they are so amazing. my kids are the best part of my life always

  5. I love just being with my family. Playing games after we stuff ourselves with too much food and exchanging gifts. LOVE IT

  6. I love seeing to joy it brings to my kids the most. Thanks for the giveaway. mrscrabbyfan(at)gmail(dot)com