Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Santa Paws Blog Hop

Welcome to this very unique but totally cute blog hop. At each stop you will be meeting the "other" members of our families... that's right, the pets. In our case, the furbabies. Between the four of us here at the Smexy Fab Four we have what amounts to a small zoo. So come meet the furry little ones who continue to steal our hearts every day.

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Sheri's dog Koda is a 10 year old Dwarf Corgi/Chow mix. Sheri's had
him since he was 8 weeks old. Sheri tells us that Koda loves to play Hide and Seek even though no matter how hard she tried to hide, he always finds her. Sheri's baby is such a good boy that when his food bowl is empty he actually brings it to her! 


It's obvious from this picture that Koda also likes his comfort. Seems like he has his own seat on the couch.


Meet Koda's brothers, Blackie and Jasper. Jennifer's babies look so sweet and calm don't they? Well don't let them fool you. I've seen pictures. These two little guys love to chase the kids around. And if pictures can be believed, they just love being in the thick of things.

Misty is the newest addition to the Smexy furbaby family. She is an adorable little girl who traveled across several states just to be with her new mommy, Barb. We were all treated to a front row seat as Barb moved heaven and earth to rescue Misty.

You'd never guess it by looking at her but this little girl loves to go online. Just
ask Barb. All she has to do is sit down on her laptop and within moments Misty's occupied the space in front of the screen. She's even been known to send us message. Too bad only she knows what she's typing. Misty is one high tech dog!
RIP Angel

Now, I was never allowed any dogs growing up, my mom is an asthmatic so no amount of letters to Santa was going to make it happen for my sister and me. So it's no surprise to anyone that within 2 months of moving into my house, I acquired my first rescue. Angel was a 3 yr old Alaskan Husky who although sweet as can be could not be kept by his owners anymore. So of course I took him in and never have I met a sweeter dog. The first winter we had him, my husband came home early from work because of severe weather. He let Angel out and fell asleep waiting for him to bark to let him know he was ready to come back in. Two hours and almost 2 feet of snow later, I get a phone call at work. My husband in a panic because he's lost the dog. Putting me on speakerphone, he goes to the backdoor and I start calling out to Angel hoping he hears me. According to my husband all of a sudden a mound of snow shifts and all he could see was these bright blue eyes underneath. Suffice it to say we could never get that big baby in when there was snow on the ground.

Two years later we decided Angel needed a brother. So we rescued Hercules. A Husky/German Shepard mix, he wasn't the pup we went to see originally, but the runt of the litter, half the size of the rest of them, I couldn't help it. I had to have him. 10 years later and he's still the quietest dog I've ever come across. But with a heart of gold. I mean look at those big brown eyes! Would you be able to say no?

Unfortunately this past summer we lost my baby, Angel. I didn't think I'd want another dog. I mean anyone who has lost a pet knows how hard it is. But Hercules started mourning his brother and cried all night. Between him and my 8 yr old being so upset over our loss, My husband decided that we needed to get a new pup. Try as I might however, I couldn't say no once this tiny terror decided to lick my face when I tried to stop him from
chewing on my laces. For the first time we bought a dog instead of rescuing one and it's been a rollercoaster ride since. Zeus keeps us all on our toes, that's for sure.

With the sweetest face in the world and his puppy ways he makes us all laugh even as he completely exasperates us when he steals socks and tries to eat everything in sight. Zeus will grab his leash between his teeth and pull us out the door. Walking up ad down the neighborhood,
Zeus treats himself
his end of the leash in his mouth, for all intents and purposes walking us instead of the other way around. He feels he did something deserving of a treat? "Here... no, don't get up, I'll help myself." I know I should probably not encourage this behavior, but come on! How adorable is this? Besides, he only takes 1 biscuit.

So apparently we four, who met less than a year ago have yet another thing in common. Our love for our furbabies. But honestly do you blame us?

Now don't forget to enter the rafflecopter and stop by the other blog stops for more adorable pets and giveaways to enter. As for us? We've got some Stone Soup Designs Goodness for you. We'd like to thank Tonya Rupell the creative mind behind Stone Soup Designs for donating these gorgeous Key pendants. We'll be choosing 2 winners!

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  1. Your babies are gorgeous. My babies are rotten and I love them desperately. They keep me company and make sure I receive tons of love. Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

    1. Oh don't get me wrong, As adorable as the pup is, Zeus thinks he's a rockstar. He's the main attraction and I'm just there to cater to his every whim. While Hercules just wants to find the closest place to hide from the pup. lol