Thursday, February 13, 2014

V-Day Bites Blog hop

 Day 4 Haunting Love

We did this at Halloween, we couldnt come up with books that fit the theme, we know we read them but drew blanks.. Guess its better than shooting blanks...

Thanks to amazon we were able to locate a very hot, steamy but short read and fanastic priced read:
Jessica is being woken each and every night by a muscular stranger who makes love to her while her husband sleeps. As sexy as he is, she must find out whether she's dreaming or going crazy - and that can only happen if she gives herself completely to him. What she discovers is both heartbreaking and uplifting, and will reunite two people for whom love will never die.

"QUICK AND DIRTY READS" from KATIE CRAMER. Sizzling hot, erotic short stories at a bargain price, guaranteed to get your pulse racing!

An erotic short story of 3500 words. WARNING: Mature content for adults ONLY. Contains strong language and very explicit sexual content. All sex depicted is consensual and between characters aged 18 and over.


We stared at each other in a standoff that seemed to last minutes but was probably mere seconds. I couldn't make out any features, just a silhouette. He was as broad as I remembered, but taller than I had imagined - around six foot three maybe. I could see the outline of his muscular frame in the darkness, swooping curves and defined areas causing my pussy to tingle and get increasingly wet.

Then, finally, he reached down and slowly pulled the bedsheet off me. It slipped from my fingers and over my body, exposing me to him. My nipples threatened to rip through my bra and my panties were now so drenched I could envisage him having to peel them off me. Without any hesitation, that's exactly what he did. I closed my eyes briefly and took a deep breath, ready for what was about to happen. Finally, I would have some answers. The soaking fabric descended down my legs and cold air relieved my pussy slightly of its furnace-like temperature. I parted my legs almost involuntarily and he moved in to pleasure me, gently kissing my soaking wet sex before caressing my clit with his tongue in the way he had so expertly done so many times before. This time, however, was different. This time I would find out who he was.

February 10 – Undying Love (Vampires)
February 11 – Changing Love (Shifters)
February 12 – Rotten Love (Zombies)
February 14 – Love Gone Wrong/Dark Love/Erotica
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