Thursday, April 10, 2014

Her Wolf Menage Review Tour

Her Wolf Menage

By Louisa Bacio

She seeks adventure
What’s the use of living in a wolf pack when one isn’t a shifter? Jana strikes out from Louisiana’s national forest to New Orleans to find herself, only to discover more questions.

They want the same woman

The moment Jana steps into the French Quarter, Andre pursues the naïve beauty. An artist, he senses the hidden wolf beneath the surface, and her nature calls to him. It’s not until she leaves that long-time friend Dominick realizes what he wants. The two alpha weres must battle it out or learn to share to reach their happy ending.

My Thoughts: 
Let it never be said that I do not enjoy a great ménage story. Actually, anyone who says that is lying through their teeth!

The most difficult part of a ménage story, whether it be for the author or the reader is forming a connection with not just two main characters, but also three or sometimes more. Her Wolf Ménage is exactly what it sounds like. And it is exactly my kind of book.

Always treated as if she were inconsequential and not worthy, Jana laves her pack and moves to New Orleans hoping for a new life. A new life is exactly what she gets. Not only does this new life involve a hot new city wolf, but also the wolf she’s been pinning for her entire life has come to the realization that he meant so much more to him than he realized and he follows her to the big city expecting to bring her home. Good luck with that. Jana’s finally come into her own and is not about to let anyone tell her what to do.

I was a little thrown back by how quickly Jana and Andre jump into bed together at first. It just felt as if, although you can see the beginnings of some serious sparks there between them, they didn’t allow for it to develop before they jumped into having a physical relationship. Given a bit of time and a couple more chapters you can practically feel the chemistry jumping out of the book. There you have it… my only complaint in the entire book. Because I must say that other than that tiny hiccup, I loved this book. It is an engaging story that will keep you flipping pages just waiting to see what will happen between these three characters next.

It’s not all fun and games though. There is the matter of the city pack that at times seems more like a bunch of horny teenagers looking to get laid on a Saturday night. They will not just let Andre and Dominick have Jana just because they claim she is theirs. But alas, that is something you will have to read for yourself. And I do strongly recommend you pick up Her Wolf Ménage by Louisa Bacio. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

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