Monday, May 26, 2014

Cover Reveal: Wreaking Havoc - Angel Steel


That one single moment in life when you find that special someone, everything stops. Nothing else matters in life but them. You. Us together. That one single look. That one single touch. Night after night of pleasure, unexplainable raw, dirty and mind-blowing pleasure. A pleasure when you forget everything in this world around you exists but the both of you. Every single moment spent together is cherished as if it was your last time together. 
Nothing in this world mattered more than us.
That’s what I thought.
In one single moment, it all comes crashing down around me.
I thought I had it all: love, trust, honesty. What a lie that was.
Secrets, deceit, pain, a whole lot of that. Everything was a lie. Our whole time together, nothing was real. My heart was torn from my chest, piece by piece, until nothing was left.
The day my life ended, when the world came crashing around my feet, was the day I said goodbye to Dante Davenport. He ruined everything. He destroyed me completely and obliterated my heart in the process. Life will never be the same again.

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ABOUT ANGEL: Born and bred in Australia. She has lived here all her life with her wonderful husband and 4 children. Angel loves reading any kind of books and loves to write. In her spare time, Angel and her husband watch porn and GIF’s on Tumblr for ‘research’. If you read a hot scene in one of her books, you can be sure it’s been tried and tested!

If you want to spot Mr Steel at an event, he wears a t-shirt which reads “My wife writes porn”. There’s really nothing better than a supportive husband.

ANGEL’S BOOKS: Sweet Temptation (Sweet, #1) Sweet Surrender (Sweet, #2) and NEW RELEASE Harpers Little Spitfire (Harper’s Series)

As soon as I walked through the door, and heard her voice, I wanted her. The way the cute little t-shirt that hugged her like a second skin she was wearing while cooking dinner had my full attention. I stood back and watched as she moved around the kitchen, going from the stove top to the sink, then the fridge. What I couldn’t take was when she leaned over and removed something from the oven, her prefect ass in the air, swaying from side to side, with completely nothing on under it. My dick was hard, when I walked in the door, now it was like granite, pulsating against my jeans, busting to get out.
Placing my bag quietly on our sofa, I made my way into the kitchen and listened, as she sang some song, I didn’t care what she was singing, it was the way she moved her body to the song. Stepping lightly towards her, my hands shot out and grabbed her hips, pulling her flush against my body.
Holy shit.” She screamed. She squirmed in my grip, my hands tightened on her hips as I pushed my aching dick against her ass.
Dante.” She whimpered.
Baby, why aren’t you wearing any underwear?”
Still holding onto her hip, my other hand slid up her body and lingered under her breast. Her chest rose and fell quickly, in time with my own. My hand shook as it sat under the weight of her breast. Waiting, I have no idea why.
I wanted to surprise you.” She purred, while pushing her ass against my jeans.
Well, it was one hell of a surprise to walk in and see you bent over with nothing on under this shirt.” I say sliding the t-shirt up and exposing her creamy white thighs.
Dinner will get cold, Dante.”
I’d prefer to have dessert first, baby.” My hand traced down and over her belly, moving slowly down to her hip. Her own hands gripped my thighs as she held on. Moving my hand further down to the one place I wanted to be in right now. Edging my way across her hip and down I lightly grazed my finger tip over her clit, “Sweetheart, you already wet for me?” I whispered into her ear.
I’m always wet for you, Dante.” The way my name came from her mouth had my balls pulling tight under my dick. I nudged my fingers down lower to her pussy, circling, before entering ever so slowly into her wet heat. Her walls closed around my fingers, gripping me right there. My hips began to rock into her ass, wanting nothing more than to rip my fingers from her depths and fucking her like I know she wanted. But I wanted her to beg me for my cock.
Her nails dug into my thighs, loving the slight pain she gives me, heightening my pleasure as well as her own as I ground my erection harder into her ass. Her sweet moans echoed throughout the kitchen, as my fingers continue to slide in and out of her. I felt her legs shake against my own as she struggled to stay upright. Walking her forward as my mouth finds her neck and nipped at her skin, coursing her body to shiver alongside mine.
Dante.” She whispered my name again.
I don’t want to talk. All I want is to feel Amelia wrapped around me any way I can get her. Spinning her around, to face me, I crashed my mouth to hers. Our lips moved together, as one. Sliding my tongue into her mouth and moaned as she sucked on the tip of it. Her hips ground against my own, and then suddenly I felt her hand trace over my obvious erection. I loved her hands on me. The soft against the rough and hard.
I heard the sound of my zipper coming undone and groaned as her hand wrapped around my cock. My mouth left hers and made its way over and down her neck. Grabbing her honey blonde hair in my fist, I pulled her head back, erupting a gasp from her lips and forced her to look at me.
What do you want, Lia?”
Her eyes the shade of the darkest part of the ocean, are fully dilated with how aroused she is. Fuck! I knew mine would be too with the way her hand tightened and held still onto my dick. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to; if I did or encouraged her I’d blow my load way to fucking early. Trying to control my breathing the best I could at being around her, I stepped back and waited for her answer.
Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her nipples erect and pressed tight against the t-shirt she wore drawing my eyes to them. Licking my lips, wanting her completely naked right then and my lips wrapped around each of them. My hand moved on its own towards my jeans. Lifting my head up and watched her across from me as I wrapped my hand around my cock, and began stroking at a steady pace.
Her eyes fell to my crotch, glued there, watching my every move. Taking one step towards her, “what do you want, Lia?” I asked again.
Her tongue shot out and glided along her bottom lip, holding the moan back, I watched as she dropped to the floor right in front of me and reached out for my leg and pulled me towards where she now kneeled.
I want you, Dante.”
Damn, I love hearing those exact words coming from her mouth.
And what part of me do you want most, Lia?” I couldn’t help but push that little more with her. I wanted the exact words coming from her. So she knew what she had to say.
Her hand slid up my leg and pulled my jeans further down and out of the way and wrapped her hand around me yet again. Although it was only for seconds, but those seconds without a single touch from her kills me. I need everything from her.

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