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Spotlight & Review: Texas Tornado - Lani Lynn Vale

Texas Tornado
Freebirds #5
by Lani Lynn Vale
Expected publication: August 1st 2014
Genre: Contemporary MC Romance
James had plans for his life. Then they were derailed by the surprise arrival of his daughter. His life revolved around her. Then she arrived with her beautiful brown hair that was made to wrap around his wrist, a butt that was to die for in a tight pair of jeans. Nevertheless, he didn’t need any more drama in his life. His ex-girlfriend was stirring enough of that up for ten women. Yet, there was something about her that soothed the soul.

Shiloh’s made it her life’s mission to protect the innocent children she can from the big, bad, scary things that lurk in the darkness. She has an inane curiosity for life and craves knowledge. Which is why when she starts poking around in her father’s business, she inadvertently starts something in to motion that threatens her very existence. Her father, the one man that was always supposed to be there for her, drops her off with a brother she never knew she had and leaves. Making her question the father she obviously never really knew at all. Then she meets him, and she doesn’t think her life’s so bad after all. The sexy biker turned SWAT officer sets her nerve cells to igniting, and she relishes in every single second of it.

He knew life could change in an instant. One soul crushing instant.When he’s presented with the aspect of losing Shiloh before he’s ever even had her, he decides it’s time to grip life by the handlebars and ride it like he stole it. Then that threat not only touches his woman, but his daughter. And there’s no power on God’s green earth that can protect them from a father’s wrath.

To come August 1st, 2014…


After reading the blurb, I knew I would enjoy Texas Tornado. What I didn't know was that I would enjoy it quite so much. Unfamiliar with the series, I am starting this series fresh. I don't know the dynamic between the characters, I don't know the situation between Shiloh and Sam and I definitely don't know why their father would hand her over to Sam as if she were a troublesome adolescent that needs to be watched over. I mean, how old is she anyway? But the more I read, the less this matters.

James is the quintessential good guy. He's a single father, a hard worker and a great friend, the last of which is something Shiloh can't exactly turn away considering her situation. I found myself enjoying the interactions between James and Shiloh and looking forward to what would be happening next. I have to admit that although I am completely new to this series and have honestly never heard of this author before, I look forward to reading the previous books in this series.

Highly recommended for anyone with a pulse and a heart for romance.



Freebirds Series:

Lani Lynn Vale is a married mother of three living in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She is currently a student pursuing her bachelor’s degree in nursing. When she’s not cooking, cleaning, wiping dirty faces free of permanent marker stains, going to school, or running errands, you can find her at her computer lost in her fictional character’s world.

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