Monday, February 16, 2015

Review: Enter the Brethren (Brethren of the Coast, Book 1) - Barbara Devlin

Book One in the Brethren of the Coast Series. 

Fate brings them together in a dimly lit cabin. He is looking for revenge, and she is taking a bath. 

Heartbroken and desperate to escape another London Season, Caroline Elliott stows away aboard a friend's ship, never dreaming she'll be mistaken for a courtesan and abducted by a handsome mariner with wounds as deep as her own. Trevor Marshall, sixth Earl of Lockwood, is a battle-hardened sea captain out to settle a score. But the inexpressibly gentle heart and unschooled passion of his beautiful captive weaken his resolve, and soon the seducer finds himself seduced by an unbridled desire unlike any he's ever known.

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Review by Iris: 
I very rarely read historical romances for one very huge reason. Not because I don’t enjoy history, but for the complete opposite. I am a lover of all things historical. I just prefer my history to have some sort of semblance of accuracy. This brings me to Enter the Brethren and my take on it. My enjoyment of this novel has not been matched by other period romances in a very long time.

The romantics in us will love the romance. I felt it was heartfelt and practically leapt off the pages. With it’s historically accurate scenes and terminology this novel would appeal to a wide range of readers including the historians in us. Please don’t get me wrong; although it is historically accurate, Enter the Brethren is far from dry or boring, as some would assume history is. There is quite a bit for everyone. Perhaps it’s my own strange sense of humor, but I found myself chuckling at some of the situations. 

Devlin gives us romance, history, laughs and a dashing sea captain, all the ingredients for a great novel. I can’t wait to lose myself in book 2 of the Brethren series. 

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