Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review: Stepping Out With His Partner - Delilah Devlin

Fraternizing has never been this sexy! 

Note: This original 6600-word short story may be short in length, but it’s not short in passion! 

I've seen a recent trend of step-brother erotica and I have to admit that a good portion of it is so over the top I spend most of the time rolling my eyes at what passes for an erotic short. I mean, yes, we get it, your parents were married at some point making the two of you some sort of extended family at best, at worse, strangers in a house that were forced to be cordial to each other at dinner and holidays. But realistically, you're not related, so stop with the whining about how wrong it is already and either do it or don't.

That being said, I have greatly enjoyed Devlin's other stories, both the short ones and the lengthier ones, so I was curious as to how this would pan out. That being said, I was impressed by how well the story flowed. If there was a moral dilemma to speak of it was over quickly and the moment moved on. I absolutely loved this taboo step-brother romance. Although to be fair, since they never once mention the fact that they are not actual siblings, we are to ascertain by the title alone that Matt and Jen are simply step-siblings and not actually related by blood.

The addition of Logan who has been interested in Jen but not pursued her in the past because Matt is his partner was a nice x factor in the mix to give the story a bit more spice. The surprise tease at the end gives hope that this may lead to future stories. A great addition to Devlin's repertoire.

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