Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: Blood Flame - Caris Roane

Witches and Vampires and Werewolves, oh my!

Paranormals abound in this first book in Caris Roane's The Flame series. In this different and unique take on paranormals, a paranormal being is made chemically. By that I mean there is a drug involved. Laced Blood Flame turn seemingly normal people into witches, vampires or werewolves. I have to admit that I found the concept of a paranormal species being created due to a drug interaction intriguing. That these beings voluntarily closeted themselves off from non-changed friends and loved ones was even more-so.

Our main characters Connor and Iris police this sector. Connor is Border Patrol and has, in my opinion, an unhealthy obsession for the very powerful witch, Iris. Unhealthy because vampires and witches are mortal enemies. You see, a witch can kill a vampire with a touch of her finger. This however does nothing to deter Connor, who finds himself watching over her as only a creepy Peeping Tom would. When these two unlikely allies are brought together by a double homicide anything is bound to happen.

I like to end in a positive note, so let's start with what I didn't love about this book, and let me tell you, there aren't all that many. This was honestly a great book in my opinion. While I get the concept of unlikely allies who normally would hate each other being attracted to each other after being forced in to desperate situations, I would have liked to see more chemistry between them. More sparks other than when they were engaging in sex. The sex scenes were indeed hot and steamy, but otherwise they seemed more like good friends with benefits. This is a standalone novel, however I felt as if I had begun the story several chapters in. Something was missing for me at the very beginning.

I am a lover of all books where the heroine is portrayed as a strong individual that can stand on her own two feet. That being said, the best part of this book was watching Iris come in to her own. She embraces her powers and gets closer to her full potential and although Connor is otherwise unexceptional, he was there all along encouraging her to push herself past her comfort level. That fact along makes him a winner in my book. All things considered, I can't wait to read the next book in this new series. Roane won me over at drug induced paranormalism.  

4 Smexy Hearts

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