Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12 Days of Christmas: Books

What is Christmas without books? When I was a kid, the only thing I really wanted were books. My family never really understood that need. They told me that I had too many books.
Now of course with the popularity of e-books getting books have never been easier, or in some cases sneakier.
A few of our favorite authors have holiday themed books out this year, that you just might want to use any Amazon gift cards you get for Christmas this year.

Everyone's favorite young adult couple Lexi and Raven are back in A DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS.
**This novella takes place before the epilogue in The Winning Side and A Different Side. This is a STANDALONE story, but it is recommended you read the series.** 

The final chapters in Raven and Lexi’s epic love story that began with Opposing Sides. 
Having been through hell and back, Raven and Lexi beat the odds stacked against them and came out on the winning side together. For the past several months, 

Raven’s been working hard to show Lexi he can be the husband she deserves and the father their soon-to-be born twins need. Playing pro-football is proving to be more challenging than they thought. 
As the weeks pass and her due date nears, old demons resurface, threatening to destroy what they’ve worked hard to rebuild. The birth of their twins reminds them despite long practice sessions, football games, and the holidays, what’s most important is the greatest gift of all: love.

For those that love the spicier side of Christmas, Mina Carter has WHAT THE SLEIGH?

Last Christmas... She didn't give him her heart. Because the b*stard broke it five years ago.
Well, okay, it's been five years since were-reindeer Rudi left the North Pole and vowed never to have anything to do with Christmas again. Since then she's thrown herself into her work as an operative with the Paranormal Protection Agency and become one of their most trusted operatives. Until someone decides that the holiday season is the perfect time to pull armed heists on a few Santa's Grotto's in the city and relieve some parents of their valuables...
But the very next day...
True-blooded Claus elf, and grandson of the original Santa, Nick Claus, knows how well and truly he's screwed things up with Rudi. Not only did one mistake lose him his lover, his childhood sweetheart and his best friend, but now all of the reindeer at the Pole hate him and draw straws to see who has to pull his sleigh. After five years though, he's managed to track her down to the PPA and he's determined to win her back, even if he has to go undercover as Santa to do it.
Unfortunately there's an armed gang looking to make a killing, maybe literally, and Nick has to make a decision...
Save Rudi or be Santa. He can't have both.
Paranormal Protection Agency: Paranormal Fantasy Christmas elves / Shapeshifter Romance
  1. Hard as a Rock
  2. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  3. Protect and Service
  4. Seduced by Santa
  5. Close Protection
  6. Dragon's Honor
  7. Dragon's Chase
  8. Santa's Naughty List
  9. One Night with a Demon Prince

I myself can never read enough shapeshifters. :)
It is set in New Zealand, one of the places I hope to visit some day.

A Companion Story to A Handful of Wolf (Snowdonia Wolves 2) 

It’s their first Christmas together, and Sasha wants to make it memorable for his Mate, Megan. However, it looks as though she has some surprises for him too. 

Sasha's homesick for the snow of the Welsh mountains, but the New Zealand sun and Santas in board shorts are worth it, if he gets to spend the holiday with his Mate, Megan. Besides, he's got a surprise planned for their first Christmas together. 

When he discovers he's not the only one keeping secrets, his plans threaten to crumble. Can he make this a holiday they’ll never forget, for all the right reasons?
Then of course there is the really naughty Christmas books. One of my personal favorite series is the Baumgartners by Selena Kitt.
Her books should be read in the North Pole or in temperatures as close to it as possible.

In spite of a brief experimentation early in their relationship, Doc and Carrie Baumgartner have since maintained a monogamous marriage without too much difficulty or even temptation--until now. 

A move far from home, coupled with new friends and long hours away from each other, have left the young Baumgartner couple on shaky ground. 

Doc believes bringing in someone "new," like they did early in their relationship, might add just the spice their marriage needs, but Carrie isn't so sure about that plan. 

Doc has a surprise Christmas present for his wife anyway--but in an ironic twist, he discovers she has one for him, too. 

Each gift allows the Baumgartners to rediscover, in the true spirit of Christmas, an expansive love that includes not only their feelings for one another, but the ability to share their passion. 

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