Monday, January 25, 2016

ARC Review: The Werewolf Cowboy - Krystal Shannan & Camryn Rhys

There’s a new threat in town… and she’s sexier and more dangerous than this sheriff can handle. 

Small town sheriff, Allan VonBrandt, would like nothing more than to focus only on his work and not on the leggy and irresistible brunette who won’t take no for an answer. But when fate steps in and his inner wolf won’t refuse the magick pull she has on him, Allan must confront his animalistic desires–whether he wants to or not. 

Reyna DuBois has never met a man–or wolf–she can’t tame, but Allan just might be the stubborn exception to the rule. Refusing to give up, Reyna enlists the help of her inner wolf to seduce the ever-reluctant sheriff, promising this particular cowboy the ride of his life.

This is obviously the beginning of what will turn out to be a phenomenal series that I cannot wait to read. As with any new series, there are a couple stumbles along the way, characters that we, as readers, may not necessarily click with, etc. Such was the case here. Although I found the story entertaining and the mystery of Elise one I want solved, I could not click with Reyna.

Allan is the hunky small town sheriff who for some unknown to us reason decided years ago that he would not be mated to another wolf. He would rather marry a human and live the rest of his life away from pack politics and the like. Reyna is the overbearing, full of herself New Orleans pack enforcer who has decided that Allan's wants and wishes don't matter. They're fated to be mates and whether he likes it or not, it's going to happen. Herein lays my dilemma. I loved the concept of the story. I wished the authors had gone in to Elise's mystery a bit more, but I understand that it could be a story arc in the series. It gives the readers something to follow from one book to the next. My problem was Reyna. She was overbearing, full of herself and her actions put her firmly in the psychopathic stalker category. I would say she's more reminiscent of a sociopath, except that she would have to have been likable to be a sociopath.

He outright tells her he does not want her nor does he want to be mated to a wolf, so she breaks in to his house and seduces him. Then has the nerve to be upset and offended when he doesn't jump at mating with her the next morning? This chick is seriously mental.

Overall, however, the overall plot and the other characters make up for Reyna's deficiencies as female lead of the story. After reading the story twice, I've decided that I loved every aspect of this book. The sole exception being Reyna's character. So this is definitely a series I will be closely following. 

4 Flaming Smexy Hearts

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