Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review: Agaist the Mark - Kat Martin

The perfect murder is a work of art 
In one catastrophic instant, Haley Warren's estranged father was taken from her. She never got the chance to reconnect with him, so now she's doing it the only way she's got left: by proving the explosion that killed him was no accident. 
When Tyler Brodie, the provocative and handsome P.I. hired by Haley, discovers that her father was investigating a suspected art theft, he knows his death is no coincidence. After all, tens of millions of dollars worth of stolen art could motivate a thief to go to any lengths—including getting rid of anyone poking around where they don't belong. 
As Haley and Ty get closer to the truth, the truth gets ugly: Did Haley's dad know too much…or was he in on the take? And although Ty's a consummate professional, he's having trouble focusing on the facts of the case, and not the figure of his gorgeous client. The two are determined to get to the bottom of the case, even if it means they die trying.

When you see Kat Martin you are pretty much guaranteed an edge of your seat suspenseful read and Against the Mark does not disappoint.

A bit slow to get off the ground, you first get a taste of the chemistry between the main characters. It’s a sexual tension that builds until you can practically cut it with a knife. You eagerly anticipate that next brush of their fingers or next touch. Not to mention that very first kiss between Haley and Ty.

Haley, a product of a privileged upbringing at first sounds like your typical poor little rich girl. However, Martin makes us revise our opinion as the book progresses and we get to know this young woman during her single-minded quest to uncover the truth behind her estranged father’s death. As for Ty, the daily phone calls from all his ex girlfriends and ex lovers aside, he was anything but the playboy the multitude of phone calls implied.

If the sexual tension isn’t enough to keep you turning the pages, Martin gives you such a well thought out mystery that even the most diehard sleuth might have a hard time solving this case. With villains that never do what you expect them to do and characters behaving so realistically to situations that you’d think you’re reading a true crime novel instead of a work of fiction, you’ll find it difficult to put this down until the very end. I for one read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more, then I read a couple chapters more.

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