Friday, January 22, 2016

Storm Delight Now Available!!!

Kindle Unlimited

Summer Storm is on the worst date of her life. As a favor to her best friend, Summer agrees to go out on a date with Robert—Holly’s cousin. He needs a date to impress his new bosses, Guy and Amelia Maxwell. 
By the time they reach the Maxwell’s home, Summer has the cab company on speed dial. But all thoughts of leaving go out the window when she meets Guy and Amelia. 
Not everyone is accepting of the newly-formed triad and will do everything they can, including blackmail, to break them up. 

                                                             PG13 EXCERPT

“Now, you know I won’t be able to eat anything unless you tell us what’s going on,” Vivian told her daughter. “Did Guy sleep with Summer and get her pregnant? Is that why she moved in here?”
Summer gasped in surprise and choked. Immediately, Guy patted her on the back. “No, I am not pregnant.”
“If she were, it’d be fucking awesome,” Amelia told her mother. “But no, she isn’t pregnant. We just met a few days ago.”
“How can you think it’d be awesome? That would mean that Guy cheated on you,” her mother said.
“Vivian, isn’t it obvious? Amelia is just as sexually involved with Summer,” Ruth said.
“Ruth, how can you condone this situation?” Vivian asked. “It’s not normal.”
“Guy’s mom is right, Mom,” Amelia told her. “Believe me, if there’s anyone in bed with Guy, I’d be there too.”
Summer was slowly starting to think Amelia’s mother was a bitch. “Thanks, Amelia.”

“No problem.” Amelia winked at her. “You know what would be even cooler? What if we both become pregnant at the same time?”

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