Thursday, February 11, 2016

Purrrloined Now Available

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“He doesn't trust women.” Oliver said simply.
“We tried this once before.” Dillon told her. “The woman said she was cool with the four of us together, but then she walked in on the three of us.”
“Were you having sex?” What kind of idiot would object to watching three hot guys together? Just the idea made her want to find her favorite vibrator.
“Yes, we were having sex.” Dillon looked in her eyes as if gauging her reaction. “Dillon was balls deep in my ass, I was inside of Ryan and my hand was milking Ryan's cock.”
The more that Dillon talked the wetter Reese became, she prayed that their feline senses wouldn't smell her arousal. The image that burned inside her head no doubt paled in comparison.
Before she could reply to his comment, Dillon continued. “If you had walked in on us what would you have done?”
“If I told you that I would kneel in front of Ryan, replace your hand with my mouth would you believe me? She answered “Or would you rather believe that I would carry on like some immature twit?”

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