Monday, February 1, 2016

Rock My World Anthology - Various Authors

9 stories. 
Over 1000 pages long. 
That will rock your world! 
For limited time only 0.99 cents. 

As always when reading an anthology it can be a bit hit or miss. In my opinion there are always a couple standout stories within an anthology. These would be the stories that stand above the rest. They've got that something that keeps you thinking about them long after you've finished the entire book. At times it is a character or a compelling story. Ideally it is everything, start to finish that keep you thinking about it and looking for more work by that particular author.

In my case, I would have to admit that in this particular anthology, the best was front and center at the very beginning of the book. My particular favorites were the first two stories for many reasons. Plot, characters and overall consistency.

Beautifully Destroyed by Gracie Wilson deserves special mention for touching on such a serious topic with respect and without once making light of the aftermath that a person suffers. This story touched me in so many ways that I can't even go in to and I hope that others reading it get as much from it.

The Prison Guard's Son by Ursula Sinclair is also another favorite from this anthology. Sinclair shows a young man that he is far more than his parents' sins made him out to be. That he is deserving of love and his own happily ever after.

I had issues with the rest of the stories in this anthology, each for different reasons. Whether it was too many errors for my liking or characters that I just could not find myself liking at all no matter how hard I tried, I just was not clicking with them. Now this is not to say that others wouldn't enjoy these stories. Please take it for what it's worth... the opinion of this one reviewer and nothing else. It was an enjoyable read, the first two stories alone made this an anthology worth getting.  

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