Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review: Demetrius - Barbara Devlin

Athelyna Des Moutiers has lived the better portion of her years in a convent, isolated from the harsh realities of her world, and has dedicated her life in service to a higher calling. When her father dies, her manipulative older brother negotiates a betrothal contract to one of the King’s knights, surrendering her to a creature utterly foreign—a man. A wedding present, an ancient brooch with mythical powers, foretells a future she cannot deny, so she accepts her fate. Can she win the love of her husband, a stubborn brute equally resistant to marriage? 

Demetrius de Blackbourne is a Nautionnier Knight, a pious man, and a virgin who, much like his bride, has vowed to devote himself to divine endeavors, and his plans do not include a wife. When he is tasked with settling a troublesome region, and installing the King’s new garrison, he neglects the most important charge of all—his lady. But the gentle spirit and quiet strength of Athelyna manifest a temptation he can neither ignore nor deny, and Demetrius finds himself fighting for the one thing he never thought he would want—her heart.

Barbara Devlin is a genius. From the moment I picked up Enter the Brethren I was hooked on the Brethren. Upon reading Arucard, I knew her Ascendants would be just as phenomenal. Now, having read Demetrius, the second book in the Brethren Origins, I can't imagine ever not having read any of her books.

In typical Barbara Devlin fashion, you are captivated by the characters from the very first page. Their struggles as former Templar Knights can be felt on every page, in every action of these men. They've made a vow, one that none of them took lightly nor will they renege on easily. One by one each of the new Brethren Knights will be tasked with marriage and producing heirs by his majesty. I understand that for most men, avoiding the marriage noose is of the utmost imperative unless they are seeking an heir to continue their family name. In the case of the Brethren it goes so much deeper. First Arucard was tasked with getting married, now, a year later it is Demetrius who the King has decided will be the next to marry and again, the bride has already been chosen. Athelyna, if I do say so myself, is by far the best match for a former Templar Knight who has lost his faith.

I abandoned it, as it abandoned me.” Tears welled in his silvery gaze, and she sat upright. “I am a hollow tree, my lady. I am damned, and I would not surrender ye to the same fate.”

I must be honest. As I read Demetrius confessing his loss of faith after everything he and his brothers had gone through and their losses, I cried. I don't admit this lightly as I have been accused of being hard to reach with the books I read. However, I must commend Ms. Devlin for showing the heart behind these battle hardened soldiers. Watching these two characters flounder and struggle day by day to not only come to terms with their new marriage, but with their growing feelings for each other is endearing and sure to tug on the heartstrings. Athelyna helped Demetrius find not only love, but rediscover his faith.

As a side note I want to add... AT LAST! We get to see the origin of not only another Brethren Ascendants, but we finally get to hear the story of the origin of the mystical jeweled brooch Lady Amanda in Loving Lieutenant Douglas sports hoping to dream of her one true knight. If you are familiar with Loving Lieutenant Douglas and Amanda and Mark's romance, you do not want to miss reading how the jeweled brooch came to be in Lady Amanda's possession.

I could not possibly recommend Demetrius more. This is a Must Read for lovers of Historical Romance everywhere. 

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