Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: My Secretary, My Mistress - Eve Langlais

A fiery one night stand between a boss and his secretary should have signaled the start of a relationship. Instead, he uses it as an excuse to avoid her. 

But Isabelle won’t be ignored. 

It’s time for this secretary to reverse the roles, and she’s got a plan to bring her boss to his knees. 

However, Isabelle is after more than just revenge, she wants her boss to let go of his inhibitions and let Isabelle take charge. 

From now on, she’s going to be the one giving the orders. 

I'll be completely honest, this wasn’t my favorite book by Langlais. It started off pretty decent. After too many drinks one night, a man sleeps with his secretary. Not an original plot I’ll admit, but it is often followed by a pretty hot story. Unfortunately, for me this one was a bit of a hit and miss.

Regretting  his actions, he decides to  avoid her and pretend that nothing happened that night. however she  has other ideas. as I said, I enjoy the beginning. a secretary who is the  determined not to accept the brush off from her boss after a hot night of sex and sets about changing his mind. Here is where Langlais lost me. I enjoyed her idea of payback. Tie him up and make him acknowledge what happened instead of avoiding you and ducking out of work early after leaving like a thief in the night. However, I thought it irresponsible to leave him bound to a chair, pants down by his ankles and just walk away, leaving him like that with no way of releasing himself. I know this is fantasy and I would hope that in real life no one would be this irresponsible, but this isn't the only time she shows disregard to his well being. She has the tools at her disposal to be a Domme, however she seems to be missing a The Key ingredient… aftercare. Apparently she does not know what it is.

I am a huge fan of Langlais’ work, but this one unfortunately was a disappointment. The characters were irresponsible and not likable. 

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