Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Screaming in the New Year - Jody Pardo

Living a charmed life in one of the most remarkable cities, Maggie Silipo had everything she could ever want. She built a successful career for herself, had a beautiful apartment and a desirable lifestyle in which she got to travel. What more could she ask for? While the rest of the world was celebrating with loved ones, she was alone…working. 
Blake Matthews owned and operated his IT Firm Leverage Logistics with offices in four corners of the US. Maggie was his right hand woman and his personal assistant. Fantasizing about her boss and wishing for more, Maggie watched from a distance as he charmed the ladies of Charlotte and New York City’s high society. 
When Blake has an accident, he realizes just how much he needs Maggie. Now, not only is she his right hand, she’s much more. As Maggie carries Blake and Leverage Logistics, the dynamic between boss and assistant evolves and everyone is keeping score.

Maggie has a great job, a wonderful apartment, lots of travel and a boss she never sees in person. Since they are located in two different states, much less cities, their paths very rarely cross. However, they do have a pretty congenial relationship. Still, when Blake has an accident on vacation and Maggie has to step in to help him in both his business and personal lives things between them take a different spin.

Jody Pardo is a new to me author who really impressed me with the ability to tell a story with so much character development even in so few pages. At 65 pages in length, this novella has more character development and heart than some I've read with twice the length. Definitely something I would recommend if you're looking for something short and sweet that focuses more on the developing relationship and less on the physical.

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