Friday, April 29, 2016

Review: A Tempting Dare - Cathryn Fox

The last place Miami divorce attorney, Katherine Quinn wants to be is at her family’s Hampton home for their annual reunion, especially when she sets eyes on him. Sebastian James: hot shot sports medicine doctor for Miami Thunder, her big brother’s best friend, and the only guy she’s ever really wanted. What will it take for him to see that his Kitty Kat is all grown up, and just waiting for him to make her purr? Her friend dares her to seduce him. How tempting. Jaded by her career, she isn’t looking for love, but a weekend of hot sex to pass the time is just what she needs to get through the weekend. 

It’s been a long ten years of look but don’t touch, and Sebastian has almost reached his limit, especially when Kat initiates a plan of seduction guaranteed to test his resolve as well as his professionalism. Her sweet kisses and searing touches threaten his loyalty to her brother, but he’s willing to risk it all to show her he’s the kind of man she doesn’t believe exists. 

Will this cynical divorce lawyer still be his when the weekend ends, or will she serve him his walking papers and close the file on what could have been forever?

Ten years. That's how long it took for Kat to give in to her feelings for her brother's best friend. Well, ten years and a dare. When dared, during a family reunion, to seduce Sebastian, her brother's best friend and star of her naughtiest fantasies, Kat gives in to temptation and decides she may as well have some fun. Much to her surprise she's not the only one with these unexplored feelings.

This relatively short romance is anything but short on the sparks between these two. I'm guessing that's what happens when you've contained it for 10 long years. I do wish their two weeks together hadn't been glossed over so quickly. It would have been nice to see them fall in love and express those feelings towards each other instead of it just being hinted at. Still, it was a satisfying read with great characters and a sweet but steamy scenes.

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