Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: My Lucky Catch - CM Doporto

They'll do anything to hide what they want, even though it's each other they want most. Determined to keep their friends-with-benefits status under-wraps, Luke and Delaney spend their junior year of college sneaking around. Once the truth is revealed, their relationship takes off, but not without the challenges from Delaney's carefree attitude or Luke's overbearing parents. Luke’s determined to stand by the girl he loves and trust she’s doing the right thing, despite his hectic baseball schedule that keeps him on the road. When Delaney's past threatens to destroy them, will forgiveness be enough for them to realize they were each other's lucky catch?
Raven fans rejoice! We now have a new obsession. If you're familiar with CM Doporto's writing style, you know to expect sweet moments that will clutch at your heart, damaged characters who deep down only want to be loved and obsession worthy heroes. Fans will recognize Luke as Lexi's drool-worthy twin brother from the earlier University Park series books. If you've been following the series, you've already met both Luke and Laney and have probably become obsessed with how they hooked up in the first place. So let's take a little trip to a time before Lexi moved on campus and met Raven. To before Lexi and Laney ever met and follow along as Laney and Luke meet for the very first time. Although I will always be a Raven fan, Luke has always held a special place in my heart. I mean he grew up in that same spirit crushing home that Lexi grew up in. That must have taken a toll on the fun loving, laid back guy we all got a glimpse of prior to now. And I always felt that there had to be something behind Laney's bed-hopping behavior. Now we know how deeply damaged emotionally she is and Luke is the perfect person to help her heal.

Even knowing how their relationship will turn out, I could not stop myself from smiling at their interactions and insistence that it was a one time deal. From the first meeting, when they both agreed to a one night stand, it was obvious that theirs would be a special kind of relationship. You want to just pat them on the head and tell them “Good luck with that whole one night thing.” However, with their every meeting and every interaction it becomes obvious that these two characters need each other. The harder they fight it, the more they need the support of the other. So it should come as no surprise that I was rooting for Luke the entire time.

I've decided that Doporto's books need to be packaged with a box of Kleenex. Just when I think I've got the characters figured out and I know how things will be turning out, she lets us have it. Tossing in a curve ball that has us catching our breaths and reaching for those tissues. Although I will forever be caught in the Raven Trap, I must admit that in this instance, after reading My Lucky Catch, I am firmly and cheerfully TeamLuke.

Although, this is the sixth book in the University park series, please don't let that deter you. It can be read as a standalone. I would however recommend reading the previous books in the series just because the characters are ones that will stay with you for such a long time you will WANT to read their story. Now we just need Colin's story.  

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