Sunday, May 8, 2016

Review: Plow - Heather Stone

Cold snow. 
Empty tank. 
HOT sex. 
Courtney Brighten knows as the assistant to the governor she should avoid public indecency at all costs. But when your boyfriend is a cheat, emotions are high and you get stuck in a snowstorm all bets are off. 
Can Courtney resist the sexual chemistry or will she succumb to her desires and find herself in the unemployment line? 

This insta-lust story hits all the right spots. And probably a few you wish it didn't. First I must say that I greatly enjoyed Plow. To be honest with a name like Plow I wasn't exactly sure what I'd be getting and the first couple chapters didn't help. We first meet the heroine as she walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her with not one but two women, in the bed they share. Does she confront him over it? Yell? Pitch a fit demanding to know what the hell is going on, as if it weren't obvious? No. She does none of these things. Yet somehow she manages to find her backbone to verbally attack the one person who comes to her rescue when her idiotic self realized that she ran out with no coat, an almost dead cell phone (I mean really, who doesn't have a car charger?), and no gas in her car. Not that the hero is any better in those first couple chapters. He comes across as a juvenile manwhore who's only concern is getting laid as quickly as possible in the middle of a snow storm.

Thankfully both characters show a better side of themselves pretty quickly and what begins as a “I can't stand these characters and I have to write a review?” kind of story turns into a hot steamy read of insta-lust between two individual who whether they realize it or not need each other. Plow was an incredibly hot, short read. The sex, and believe me, there was a lot of it, was hot and steamy. Considering how much they hated each other the second they met, Courtney and Brian can't seem to keep their hands off of each other. What surprised me was how quickly they seemed to come to mean something to each other. Insta-lust turned into insta-love pretty quickly.

Brian the manwhore surprised me. For someone more concerned with getting laid than public safety during a snowstorm, he actually turns out to be a pretty romantic and caring guy. I found myself having issues with Courtney though. Not only does she go from shrew to temptress within a chapter, but for someone who is in such an important position at work she doesn't seem the least bit concerned with getting caught and the ramifications. One minute she's saying they have to cool it and the next she's sexting Brian from her government issued cell phone. Which by the way she knows can be tracked and monitored.

It was an alright read. Did I enjoy it? Yes, definitely. It checked off all the boxes for a sexy, steamy read that hits the spot. However, the ending left a lot to be desired. The epilogue read more like another chapter and it took place literally minutes after the last chapter happened. As a final chapter it would work out great. As an epilogue it left a lot to be desired. All things considered though, I would definitely recommend if you enjoy insta-lust stories with HEAs.

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