Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Riff - Skye Turner

Rafe Rider is the lead singer of Destiny Fades to Blue, the “it boys” of rock. He is living the dream… traveling the country with his band, sharing his bed with the occasional groupie, and just living large… while their singles climb the charts.

Daisy Anderson is the lead singer of Sweet Southern Sass, the sweethearts and most famous female group of the last decade in country. Their sold out tour has ended and they are enjoying the down time while they prepare their next hit album.

Signed under the same label, a cross-over tour between the sweethearts of country and the bad boys of rock is just the thing to gather fans from both genres. 
As the tour rolls out and the bands are thrust together… passion and tempers ignite as the “good” girl and the “bad” boy realize they aren’t quite as different as they imagined. 

Can two people from different worlds find love on the road with the person they least expect? When the sweethearts of country meet the bad boys of rock… more than the charts heat up.

I cannot believe that this is the first book I have read by Skye Turner! From the moment Rafe and Daisy meet face to face the first time, I knew this story was going to be epic. Rafe and Daisy are as different as you can imagine. Polar opposites can't even come close to describing them. So it comes as no surprise that Mr. Rock and Roll and Ms. Sweet Country can't be in the same room without setting it ablaze with the sparks.

Forced to go on tour by their label, the bad boys of Destiny Fades to Blue must work with the country sweethearts Sweet Southern Sass. Regardless of their differences, they might actually be able to pull it off... if only their respective front “men” could stand to be in the same room together without being at each other's throat. The chemistry between Rafe and Daisy jumps out of the pages every time they meet. Even as a reader, it's a palpable thing that you can read. Whether in anger, confusion or passion, Turner makes sure we feel every fought for emotion the characters are feeling.

Rafe is unapologetic about enjoying the rock star life and every perk that comes with it. He's the stereotypical rock star and he loves living up to people's expectations of that. Women... scandal... more women... he has it all and enjoys every second of it. Why no? He's earned ever bit of the adulation. When Daisy throws the reality of his life back at him, he finally sees himself through the eyes of someone else and he's not sure he likes what he sees. Daisy can't quite comes to terms with her desire of this tattooed bad boy. One thing she does know, is that she's done fighting them.

Rafe was a bit of a conundrum. He was a rock star that enjoyed everything that came with the title. Yet he seemed more genuine and ready to give a relationship an honest try than Daisy did. Still, I loved the dynamic between the two of them. I don't think anyone else could possibly handle these characters. I loved every second of reading Riff and cannot wait to read the other band members' books!

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