Monday, January 29, 2018

Review: Becoming Charlie - Kristie Haigwood


My name is Charlie, and I'm invisible. Well, not literally, but until one of the most popular guys at Eden High saved my life, nobody even knew I existed. Sean Reese gave me more than my life back that night. He gave me friendship.
And maybe, just maybe, I can save him, too.

Will he still be my friend when he finds out my secret?

I don't normally read young adult, but from the moment I began reading about Charlie I was hooked. I usually find young adult characters to be immature and quite frankly annoying. Charlie and Sean were anything but. Haigwood gives us a beautifully written story about the evolving friendship between shy introvert, Charlie and star baseball player, Sean. Two characters who, from the moment they meet, see in each other the other half of their soul. 

I think what gets me the most about the characters is Charlie. You're Charlie... I'm Charlie... at some point in our lives we are all Charlie. Quiet, withdrawn, depressed, feeling invisible in the world around us. Not really living, just existing. And if we are very lucky someday we meet our Sean. That one person who will not let us hide away from the world. 

Becoming Charlie is such a beautiful, touching story I waited eagerly for each installment on Wattpad. I cannot wait to read what happens next between Charlie and Sean. 

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