Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Review: Royally Bad - Nora Flite


Kain Badd looks great on paper. Rich. Handsome. And there’s that small fact that he’s an actual prince. But it only takes Sammy a few minutes to see the real Kain—arrogant, possessive, and way too hot for his own good. Exactly the kind of Badd boy she should stay away from.
If she hadn’t agreed to help plan his sister’s wedding, she could have avoided him. Instead, she wakes up in his bed after an incredible night. She’s determined to forget about it, but that’s easier said than done.
It turns out Kain’s royal family isn’t full of squeaky clean Prince Charmings, and now Sammy’s mixed up in a power struggle between rival empires. To stay safe, she’ll have to decide if putting herself in Kain’s hands is the right move. He’s more than capable in the bedroom, but can he take care of her in the real world?

I really wanted to like this. I read the blurb and thought "Hey, this sounds kinda cool". So although I have never read this author's work before, I thought I'd give her a try. She gets an A for effort, but that's about it. It felt as if the author had all these great, interesting plot ideas and decided to mash them all into one inconceivable storyline.

WARNING... Possible SPOILERS ahead

I get the secret prince thing. I mean who hasn't read a secret prince story recently? But then the author up and turns this family of royals into Mafiosos with a hand in everything from gun running to a chain of strip clubs. Royals who spend much of their time yelling and throwing temper tantrums like 5 year olds. Then let's not forget a rival street gang with the ridiculous name of Deep Shots. Sounds like someone had a few too many deep shots while doing research. And the ending? Please let's not even go there.

With the couple, I felt their relationship was less love and more lust. Their connection was superficial and the heroine couldn't seem to decide if she wanted to get away from this family of maniacs or jump Kain's bones again.

It could have been a really good book. But there was just too much going on to keep it in the realm of reality. I found myself rolling my eyes every time something else unbelievable and ridiculously impossible happened. A better editor should have reined in the rollercoaster of ideas and made the author focus on one plot line. Maybe then it would have been at least a 4, maybe even 5 star, story.

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