Review: Protected by my Boss - Tia Siren

Protected By My BossProtected By My Boss by Tia Siren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My secretary needs my protection. 
I’m a billionaire. I’m used to taking what’s mine. 
But Joanna is the one woman I’ll keep out of my bed. 
Don’t get me wrong. She’s hot. 
Curves that make a man hard - and the purity of an angel. 
But a man like me doesn’t crush angels. 
Her psycho ex is coming after her. 
I’ll hide her away in my mansion out of town. 
Just me and her – and my desire to f*ck her. 
But I won’t touch her. 
I won’t take advantage of her. 
She wants to show me her gratitude. 
Begs to repay me. 
I’ll let her strip for me and then picture her body later - imaging it’s her hand on my c*ck. 
That’s as far as I’ll let it go. 
But who the hell am I kidding?
I’m hard - but I’m not made of steel.

It was a good story, but I had some serious issues with the timelines being off and the grammatical errors. How can someone have just gone missing 8 hours prior, flip a cou[ple pages and it's been 2 days, go forward a couple more pages and suddenly it's back to having only been 8 hours? Unless someone's got the use of a time machine, that's just not possible. And if they did, this would have been a completely different story.

I was getting aggravated with our so-called heroine's wishy-washy behavior and lackadaisical attitude when it came to her own safety, but I had to keep reminding myself that abused women are often hesitant to leave or even press charges when they do, so I gave her some leeway. But I have to admit, even keeping that in mind, she was really pushing my buttons.

Overall it was a good story, but it could have been better


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